How To Clean Floor Without Mop (Update 2021)

How To Clean Floor Without Mop (Update 2021)

You don’t have mops now but you want, how to clean floor without mop? so, in this case, you need some tools and the products you will use for cleaning must be of high quality. We guarantee through today’s discussion that this is the only way that you will not have to worry about cleaning and you will be able to clean the floors easily.

In some cases, though these will be a great method when you go to clean your(Shower) floor. And find effective ways to make them shine for a long time. Let’s be late then!

How To Clean Floor Without Mop

Prepare the Floor

how to clean floor without mop

The first thing you should do is prepare the floor and use it. Before cleaning it. This means that any product, such as clean, dehydrated, or bleached, can be applied to your water with the cleaning product you are using. You need to choose some cleaning products so that the dirty stains will not harden when you go to remove them.

Now, you want to clean something other than cleaning the floor but it may seem more complicated than that. So all you have to do is mix some water with the cleaning product you are going to buy. the act usually leaves the cleaning solution for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the product and these will work to stain during that time. When the time is up, then start using the method you have chosen.

So, you might think it’s not that hard. Still, you have to choose any one cleaning method. If you want to give mop a chance then you can check out O-Cedar Easywring. It will work too and you can see it here on Amazon. However, if you don’t, keep reading.

Use A Swiffer

how to clean floor without mop

Nowadays some people think that a Swiffer is technically an anecdote, but in fact, it is not. They work like a broom with a cloth all around. The main thing is that this is a great method for them when you do not want to use any means or do not have a swarm around you. They will need to apply some water with the cleaning product then remove the dirt.

With this method, you may have to do some manual labor to remove debris, debris, and stains from your floor. On the other hand, if you use the right cleaning product, you will not need too much fatigue to make everything shine.

So you have to keep an eye on Sweeper. Because from that time the dirt will be removed and you should wash it from time to time to make sure. Otherwise, you can get the dirt back on the tiles very quickly.

So, make sure you take this sweeper as an alternative to MOP. Moreover, they are very efficient and easy to use. The funny thing is that the wetjet hardwood floor is the best option as it is original.

Place a damp cloth around the Broom handle

how to clean floor without mop

To clean your floor without mop would be somewhat archetypal depending on your style. However, this broom is the oldest, simplest to put a damp cloth around the handle. Since you are quite tired of doing it, it is not the most practical or easy way to do it though it works well. All you need to do is burn some calories or energy. Let’s see how

First of all, you have to take a bucket for this procedure and you must wash the clothes after a while to remove the dirt. This is because the water has to be replaced every time it gets too dirty after each use. Otherwise, the cloth will continue to bring dirt to the floor and will not be as clean as expected.

So, if you want to clean the floor easily without any MOP, all you need is a bucket and broom, cloth with cleaning products, and water. Now make sure you remove all the dirty stains from the floor with this method. Or you can use the Guay Clean Home Cleaning Kit if you want, moreover it will be a great kit for you.

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Consider a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

If you need that kind of person who needs something more practical even easier. Then you should consider investing in a wet vacuum. These work great for cleaning floors without MOP and are a technical method. With the wet cleaning method, they will give you all the skills of a regular vacuum and this means that all the stains and dirt can be removed by simply cleaning the product with water.

All you need is a wet vacuum and learn the basics of how to use it (it’s pretty easy). Now you can turn on the wet cleaning option (front with a vacuum as you do regularly) then move forward. Make sure you do this thoroughly and carefully. Make sure you remove any dirty stains on your tiles.

So, if you want something that will be easier than using a tip, then a wet vacuum is the right method for you. The most interesting thing is that it does not require any physical exertion from you. Only this device is heavy which makes it difficult to carry it around the house while lifting. If you want to use it, the Stanley 5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum will be the best option for you. You can get it on Amazon if you want.

Tips: How to keep your Floor clean

Here are some tips to keep the floor clean or even longer. The mop will need to be done once per week depending on the home. But if you are like me or have a baby, you may have to do it more often.

  • Consider not having indoor shoes to remove dirt from your shoes.
  • Place floor mats at the entrance to clean your feet before entering.
  • Use the correct solution and tools by checking the floor manufacturer.
  • Use a microfiber dry mop to easily remove dirt from your floor.
  • Use a cleaning robot vacuum when outdoors or while sleeping.

How often the floor can be cleaned

As a general rule, the floor in a high traffic area such as the dining area, kitchen, bathroom, the entrance should be visited by each of you a few days or should be moped or vacuumed once a week. Good mopping is not the key to keeping the floor clean. However, the floor should be regularly swept or vacuumed to maintain that proper environment. This is because it removes thinness and removes dirt and grime that can damage the floor as it moves. When it comes to mopping, the best time to clean is when the floor gets dirty.

Most people imagine how they already shine on the floor. But often they make a mistake by neglecting to use the second bucket to wash away the water. Nowadays it is very common to use wash water in a bucket or wash the MOP in the same water to wash the floor. But the wisest thing to do would be to use two buckets. Because one is for making water and detergent solution and the other is for washing with clean water. You can also take a bucket for washing water but you need to fill a sink basin with fresh water to wash.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean floor without mop. Happy polishing!

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