How To Clean Bathroom Vent(Update 2021)

How To Clean Bathroom Vent(Update 2021)

Since air is drawn through the fan, dust builds up on the fan motor or grill cover over time. Cleaning the motor housing or cover every six months to one year will remove most of the accumulated dust. In today’s post we will discuss why the vent needs to be cleaned and here is how to clean bathroom vent fan.

It is important to have an exhaust fan to prevent air dirt from coming out of the bathroom in your home. And it is very important to clean your bathroom when you take a bath and show that germs and mold can form after 14-30 minutes.

However, if used for one hour a day, an average size vent fan will emit the equivalent of 200,000 cubic feet of air per year or the equivalent of 1,000 indoor air.

How To Clean Bathroom Vent(5 Steps)

1. Remove the cover

how to clean bathroom vent

First, you have to remove the cover to clean the vent fan in the bathroom.

Gently pull the side of the fan cover (it will be able to pull down about an inch). Once you get a little space, place the finger on the back of the cover and feel the two metal clips hold it close to the fan.

Hold the metal clips/prongs together with your fingers then the cover will close.

Now is the time to clean your fan cover and the easiest way to clean it is to simply wash it in the kitchen or utility sink. Use a sponge (or brush), warm water, and dish soap.

2. Disconnect the power

how to clean bathroom vent

Now that you have removed the cover, before doing anything else, you can either flip the electric breaker in the bathroom or unplug the fan (in the housing).

Some fans may have a plug on the back of the cover so watch and unplug carefully. If there is no reception of the ventilation fan, on the other hand, you need to flip the breaker on the electrical panel to disconnect the electricity in the bathroom.

Remember your safety first, so if there is any doubt that there is a line now, you can also use a non-contact voltage tester to check the voltage.

3. Remove The Bathroom Exhaust Fan

how to clean bathroom vent

If you want to deep clean the fan motors and fan blades in your bathroom, you have to do it from the housing. Because there is no way to clean the fan blades in the bathroom without removing your fan.

Since you have to remove the bathroom fan, you need to remove the fan screw and also keep a few small metal clips to help undo it. Then now that the screw (s) have been removed then remove the bathroom vent fan from the cavity.

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And it is important to remember that when you remove the fan from the bathroom, first of all, make sure that the power is disconnected. Now how to clean the fan, very easy! To do this you need to remove any electrical wiring then you can easily remove it. And hopefully, it will be removable

Moreover, nowadays housework is becoming a bit complicated, on the other hand, it is not a DIY job. That’s why we ask you to find your own contractor. Because they have the tools that will give you free quotes from pre-tested trusted contractors.

4. Clean the bath fan with a brush attachment

When you have completely removed the bathroom fans you need to vacuum the bath’s fan blades and peas with a vacuum attached. But in case you have an air compressor, you can use a fan blade to remove dust from the squirrel cage.

You can use something as small as a toothbrush to reach the fan blade.

Since the bath fan is removed from the housing, you can still use your vacuum brush attachment to clean the housing attached to the ceiling joists.
Note: Dust is not easily removed from the fan motor so be sure to remove any caked.

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5. Reinstall the bathroom fan

how to clean bathroom vent

Then when you are sure that you are completely cleaning the fan or vent. Then you need to reinstall the bathroom fan. To do this now,
First, reconnect the vent hose and electrical wires before the bath fan returns to the ceiling cavity.

Check the vent flap to make sure it is not stuck. And lastly, clean the bathroom vents by noticing them at times, such as bird nests.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Moreover, this unclean vent can ruin the environment in your bathroom.
So let’s look at the same question that usually comes to our minds,

Is it necessary to clean the Duct?

Most people in the world today neglect to clean their bathroom and this is usually not a problem. What these fans are pulling overtime is dust and there is probably some dust inside your duct. But perhaps airflow is not significantly limited In contrast, ducts for drying clothes (which are usually the same size as a fan null) collect large amounts of lint and tons of moisture. Moreover, a lot of dust gets stuck at one time, thus creating a risk of fire there. I’m also not saying that a dirty fan duct doesn’t create a fire risk.

That being said, if your fan seems to be working properly or your fan hose is getting dirty it is not sucking in too much air (you can test it by placing a tissue on top of the fan grill), your hose should be cleaned. Even your vent cover can have a bird’s nest and it can create barriers.

If you can reach the duct and the fan in the attic, the easiest way is to disconnect the duct from the fan. Then clean the duct with a vacuum and reconnect the duct at the end – from all attic sides. If you have an old cheap flex duct, you can clean it. And you can replace the duct with this empty metal duct that conducts air better and is cleaner than a flex duct.

Last Thought: How to clean bathroom vent?

But feeling like you don’t have attic access but you have to remove the fan motor assembly to get to the drain port. In this case, you may have to buy, or rent, a drain brush to adequately clean the drain. It will work just fine if you use it, otherwise, space can prove difficult to use.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean bathroom vent. Happy Cleaning!

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