How To Clean Bathroom Fans(Update 2021)

How To Clean Bathroom Fans(Update 2021)

Cleaning the bathroom fan is one of the most neglected tasks in your home. Since it helps ventilate the entire room in the bathroom, it turns it up if there is bad air in the room during the run and collects dust on the outside when it is turned off. But if you do not clean the residue, it will help the bacteria to grow there.

In this tutorial, I’ll help you understand how to clean bathroom fans for almost free. You’ll also get to know How to clean the bathroom vent hose? without spamming your home. Sounds fair? Let’s get started right now.

How To Clean Bathroom Fans: Follow These Steps

Step 1 – Prepare properly

The floor in your bathroom should not be cleaned beforehand. Because when you clean the bathroom fan there will be a lot of dust and you may have to clean it again. Switch off the fan before cleaning to avoid electrical transmission.

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Step 2 – Open the enclosure

Bathroom fans are usually enclosed in a plastic housing that will allow access by simple clips or a few leaves at once. So you need to undo the front cover of the fan before you can access the main fan blades yourself then clean the louvers of the cover. Now make sure you have the right tools at all to clean it.

Step 3 – Wet cleaning process

how to clean bathroom fans

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. When you remove the dust from the fan, take your scrubber or a rag soaked in seawater. Then wipe the fan with it until the dirt stops with it. The rag can be contaminated as a result of multiple uses so change your soapy water as a result of re-dipping.

Step 4 – Delete the residue

Once you feel the last feeling of cleaning the fan with soapy water, wipe off the excess dirt and water with your little dry cloth.

Step 5 – Dry the fan

how to clean bathroom fans

Then check the fans to see if there is moisture or water. This is because if the electric motor starts running then a short circuit problem may occur and it will become unusable. So to dry it well we advise you to run that dry cloth well on the fan a few times. Once you feel that it is dry, turn it on after a while.

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Step 7 – Wrap

When the above tasks are completed, your last step will be to attach the back of the fan. Then if there is any debris left on the floor from the fan, clean the sugars using a vacuum.

Eventually, you will see the difference that the clean fan will give pleasant air and help to make the bathroom look cleaner.

If you follow these cleaning tips,
you will have cleaned your Bathroom Fans in just few minutes!

How to clean the bathroom vent hose?

how to clean bathroom fans

If you have your bathroom fan too much air does not seem tiring. But it should be clear, but do you know why? This is of course because these obstacles are due to the bird’s nest in the bathroom vent legs. So you have to test these and learn below how to clean bathroom vent hose.

These bath fan covers have flaps, so when they are turned on, they open and when the fan is closed, they close automatically.

Bathroom fans also often have insect screens that help keep insects as well as birds. Usually, we see small birds making nests in frequent bathroom vents as well as dry vents. Now let’s see how to remove these.

Bird’s nest inside the bathroom vent

First, you need to check the airflow and to do this simply turn on the bathroom fan and then place your hand in front of the external vent to see if it is ventilating properly. If you find it too weak, you need to understand that there are some obstacles, and it needs to be cleaned up.

Note: Professional vent cleaners usually use a hose with compressed air to clean the vents in the bathroom. You can do this if you want. Or if you find it difficult to do the job, you can hire a professional.

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FAQ,s How to clean bathroom fans?

how to clean bathroom fans

How do I remove the vent fan?

Just press the spring clips together to remove the vent fan cover. And remove that cover by pulling that cover down a few inches from the ceiling.

How do I clean the vent fan?

Clean the cover of the vent fan using a vacuum dusting brush.

Why do I need an exhaust fan in my bathroom?

A clean and effective exhaust fan in your bathroom not only keeps away the smell of the bathroom. Rather it also removes moisture from your bathroom which helps prevent mold and germs. However, if you are not tired now, it can cause your health problems. (We always say to clean it up in time)

What is a bathroom exhaust fan?

Yes! Just like a regular ceiling fan, the exhaust fan in the bathroom keeps the air around.

What is the best cleaning product?

Then a machine in seawater. Dip a microfiber cloth in there and use it to wipe off any remaining dust.

What if I can’t get to the exhaust pipe?

If you can reach that which is not getting emptiness. However, you need to use a rag or cloth to wipe it off or clean it well.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean bathroom fans. Happy Cleaning!

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