How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan (Simple Ways)

How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan (Simple Ways)

It’s a great idea to clean your bathroom fan regularly to keep it running fast and quiet. Check out my 3-step guide on how to clean bathroom exhaust fan? Read our blog to learn the right way.

Fans in the bathroom not only remove stale air or odor from your bathroom, but they also remove dirt and dust from the air. It also keeps the dirt coming in from the outside air free from entering. But at a time when it also accumulates dirt in its wings over time, the efficiency of the decreases. So at that very moment, these become very difficult to clean and cleaning is vital. Let’s show you through today’s post how to clean bathroom exhaust fan?

How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan

1. Use a vacuum to get rid of dust in the exhaust fan

how to clean bathroom exhaust fan

Before you touch the exhaust fan, turn off the power circuit breaker in the bathroom or unplug the standard two-prong plug that strengthens the fan if you need extra caution. Once you make sure there is no electrical connection you can clean up. To do this remove the dust with a vacuum extension vessel and attachments. Use a brushless brush dusting attachment for fan housing and fan motor components. And be sure to use a Crowwise attachment to reach more fan-strong areas. Remember to keep the light touch there so that you are not harmed.

2. Remove the grime with a damp cloth

how to clean bathroom exhaust fan

Once you remove all the dry dust from there you will probably see that the exhaust fan with the built-up grime is still dirty. To remove any residual dirt using a microfiber cloth, wipe the top and all of its components and housing. Now if you want to clean more extra deep? In that case, you have nothing to fear from disconnecting the fans. You can easily remove them using a screwdriver and clean them properly again. When you remove everything from the fan, clean the motor parts around the fan thoroughly with a microfiber cloth again.

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3. Resubmit the exhaust fan

A clean fan and a cover s will look like new when you feel like it. Then you have to understand that it is time to put it together again. In that case, now replace the screws by keeping the motor exactly where you removed it from. Then plug in your fan to give it full power. Then return the mounting wires to their slots and gently press the cover into place, leaving the cover behind.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean bathroom exhaust fan. Happy Cleaning!

FAQ,s: How to clean bathroom exhaust fan?

Do bathroom fans really need to be cleaned?

If you feel that the fan has not been cleaned for almost a few years, it is probably not significantly tiring as the air is tense and has decreased.

Nowadays people are very indifferent about cleaning bathroom fans. Moreover I myself was indifferent to this when I was looking at my bathroom fans after a long time, and noticed that there was almost blocked by dust. Anyway, I was taking pictures of the bathroom fans and reporting them on social media, which I suggest cleaning up.

how to clean bathroom exhaust fan

If you see that the fan is not exhausted during ventilation, then the mold problem in the bathroom will increase and the humidity will increase and even damage the wall. The biggest thing is that it will ruin the quality of the air inside the house due to the excess moisture at one time.

Poor air and poor performance Air quality, as well as a dirty bathroom exhaust fan, can also create a fire. This is because we have noticed that most of the new fans that are currently installed in bathrooms have extremely hot sensors that heat the motor easily and in such cases, it wastes most of the time. In any case, when the fan efficiency of any old bathroom is reduced, when they put pressure on the motor, they easily overheat and from there create a fire in the house.

How often should you clean the exhaust fan in your bathroom?

The bathroom fan should be on a clean or maintenance schedule with other fans in your home. So if you forget to clean it, it would be a good idea to schedule it in advance.

To keep it as a schedule you can think of a quick cleaning of bathroom fans at least once a year.

Now you may have a question; Why clean the extractors?

how to clean bathroom exhaust fan

For those readers who already own a bathroom extractor fan, they need to remember to decorate the end of their walls or ceiling. And it’s much easier for them to forget about cleaning their bathroom fan. But in fact, it is important to keep these in mind as they will gradually become dirtier like a drain, and the air that is there will ruin the environment and its quality. And that is why in this post we are repeatedly raising the issue of cleaning the bathroom fan so that you pay attention to this issue.

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Instructor fans are designed to keep the humidity of your bathroom just right and to collect other dirty air. However, this is why they can be bombarded by constant, floating fibers and other types of airborne substances such as insects. So despite the best efforts of the manufacturers, it is inevitable that any fan will gradually fill up with dust at some point and the formation of deadly dust will damage the performance there to some extent.

Extractor fans basically act as a vacuum cleaner made in your home just like any other vacuum. And it is only natural that they need to be emptied and cleaned to work properly.

I would like to mention one more thing that you need to know that the bathroom fans are likely to be blocked due to excessive air intake and it is not able to drain properly. As a result, dirty air and water vapor circulate in your bathroom. And it takes more energy to operate those wings that are blocked, and even if it consumes energy later, it makes more noise.
Not only will this increase in bathroom humidity affect your bathroom but it will also make your floor wall damp. Later, the problem can spread to adjacent rooms or from floor to ceiling.

Conclusion: How to clean bathroom exhaust fan?

how to clean bathroom exhaust fan

Cleaning the bathroom fan here is not only the job of professionals but also easy to harm any homeowner or housekeeper if desired. If you use a furnace bar fan, it will be significantly easier to test. With an HVAC system, you have to confuse the impossible and which ones go with it and it can only take one to two hours to clean.

However, by cleaning the water drains in the bathroom from time to time you can ensure that no germs are growing there. Also always keep in mind that whenever you clean the exhaust fan components completely, dry all the surface before switching the fan again to prevent any brief inflammation.

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