How To Clean Ceilings Easily In 2021 | Quickly And Safely

How To Clean Ceilings Easily In 2021 | Quickly And Safely

Chase the dirt away when you learn how to clean ceilings easily and save a bundle at the same time. Read our blog to learn the right way.

If you hire a contractor to clean your ceilings and walls. However, in this case, they can charge from 800 to 600 us dollar for the living room, until after you have done the painting. There is a wonderful thing here, not to mention that those who professionally clean walls and ceilings are also new, like us or you.

Only by learning a few techniques can they now provide better quality service. So we decided that today we will teach you the following simple techniques with which how to clean ceilings easily?

Some of you will choose this job because it is labor-intensive. This task is relatively easy to do, but in some cases, the cleaning areas are located in places that we often do not get there. But that doesn’t mean the project is likely to fall on you. You can it If you try!

I’ve talked to a lot of people who believe that there is no secret to cleaning walls and ceilings. Many things cannot stay away from this truth.

So let’s focus on how to clean ceilings easily? and start managing the project.

Collect the necessary equipment for wall and ceiling

how to clean ceilings easily

First of all, you need to keep in mind a few things, such as the need to collect all the tools you need to clean. You need to make sure everything is collected before you start.

If you are starting to clean up and find that you have a lack any of the tools, then you can get very frustrated (even working on it). So be sure to collect the tools specifically mentioned in the following list before cleaning:

  • One handle with a bucket (some advocates 2 buckets – one for washing and another to wash off after washing. Non-rhesus solutions are best to save on your back. It will work great without washing the recommended product and removing dirt.
  • A natural sea sponge for washing (not the strong side of man-made sponges but much softer in paint)
  • A toothbrush – to clean crannies and nooks.
  • No high-quality soap products have been washed (I prefer Swellmax)
  • A pair of rubber gloves.
  • Goggles for ceiling work.
  • It is better to take a higher ladder if the ceiling is located in an extra high area.
  • A high-quality ostrich feather fountain to dust the walls before washing (it works great for washing and saving time).
  • Place a few old towels on the floor to catch running water or dripping water (it also helps keep your floor carpet clean and dry)

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Prepare the wall and ceiling before starting

Since you have come so far, you must be ready to start now. Now you have to wash it first to prepare the antique or ceiling. Below are 6 points to make this task easier when washing walls and ceilings, and are asked to follow:

  • Remove all photo frames, mirrors, and any other items hanging on your wall (Tip: make sure they don’t break when you hear them, especially chandeliers or ceiling fans)
  • Any fan or chandelier with a ceiling is running, but be sure to turn off the current.
  • If your house is 4 feet or has more walls, pull the furniture from.
  • Remove the curtains as much as possible in the room to get natural light and keep the curtains protected to let the light come into the room.
  • You can use a feather duster to remove all dust from your walls. There is no good reason to wash dirt, especially if you have cobs and lots of loose surface dirt on the ceiling. So you can dust it off quickly and easily with it.
  • Place the towels on the floor opposite the wall, rolling them in such a way that they catch the dripping water.

Be prepared – Set – Start Washing: How to clean ceilings easily

To keep your hands dry or protect, take off a glove from hot water first. Then pour them into the bucket for specific cleaning according to the directions of the Soilmax box. When stirring the water, pour hot water into the bucket and make sure it dissolves later.

Take a sponge and dip it in hot water for a while and if there is excess water, take it out until there is a drop of water. Dry it on your walls or if there is no water drop.

Now when you wash the ceiling or walls with soapy water, a drop of water can get into your eyes at any time. In this case, you need to wear a goggle to prevent the water droplets from getting into your eyes.

You have to work hard to get to the ceiling, which can be tiring, even though the project was very easy. In this case, if you use a step tool or ladder, you can easily reduce the stretch.

Start at the corners of the ceiling across a three or four-foot square and continue scrubbing in a circular motion. If once cleaned, the sponge becomes dirty very quickly, you can wash it and use it again as before.

Thus after the first section is finished, work again across the second section three to four feet square as before. Overlap with an inch or two to clear the first area. And in this way, all the places in the house will not be clean. Continue the process.

First Process Done

Be careful around the fan and bushes on the ceiling to clean. Because at this time the clean water can stick to them at any time. If you accidentally stick your finger in it, it can be easily cut off. Moreover, if you notice, the ceiling fans are spinning in a way that can cut fingers and arms.

Do you remember The project should be stopped before starting, so no!

Now let’s come to a few more ways that you can know how to clean ceilings easily?

Always start the work from one corner of the wall. If it is clear that the baseboard is more than three or four feet long, start with an extended side of the baseboard.

In both cases, if you have a baseboard, start scrubbing the walls in a circular motion near the floor, just below, or just above the baseboard. A three or four-foot square to clean is a size that is easy and comfortable for you to reach easily.

There are currently some people who start working from the top and advise to finish it from the bottom, but this is a misconception to them. Because when water flows from above, it will flow through the dirty walls below.

And then these sticks will force you to work a little harder to get the shots out. Although I can’t explain the incident properly in front of you it is true!

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Corners switch-plates

At the corners, the switch plates are in the vicinity where the wall meets the baseboard. Moreover, you already have a chair or mold. However, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the area.

While cleaning, it was seen that the sponge was getting dirty again and again in a short time. In this case, you can wash and dry again and work a

gain. If you do not want to do repeated washing, the area you are going to clean should be washed (at least) after the three or four-foot area is finished.

When the area closest to the floor is finished, suppose you were first sure to make an overlap of two inches on that part. Just above it, continue to scrub another 3-4 square feet of space. Once that area is finished, you can then start cleaning the area of ​​your choice.

You cleaned the bottom part with your own hands, so now it’s time to clean your roof. To do this, you must first use a step tool to get closer to the roof or ceiling. If clean water sticks to the wall beforehand, wipe well with a towel and clean again. (Don’t face the part you are going to take)

Warning again: For how to clean ceilings easily?

  • Turn off the ceiling’s HVAC system or ceiling fan first.
  • Wear protective goggles so you can take a big hit on the eye (ceiling spray) at any time to clean.
  • Popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos to avoid trouble so work carefully.
  • If the ceiling of your house was built before 1978, and whether there is asbestos,
  • Work with a nearby service to determine the test.


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