How To Clean Floor Fan Blades (Update 2021)

How To Clean Floor Fan Blades (Update 2021)

Cleaning your floor fan may not be that important but chances are, it needs cleaning. Whether it is on or off, your fan must collect dust after running. So, how to clean floor fan? However, if you don’t clean your floor fan, it will slowly take on a horrible look in your home (in a word, it will make the environment sick).

The biggest thing is that you will never want to breathe in these harmful particles. On the other hand, extra dust will make the motor work harder and reduce its lifespan even by causing damage. If you clean your floor fan regularly, it will reduce the amount of dust in your home and even in your household appliances.

How To Clean Floor Fans(Ceiling Fans) With 8 Easy Steps

1. Work safely

how to clean floor fan

First, turn off the unit. That means unplug the electric floor fan and if it is a battery-powered fan, remove the batteries.

You’ll need to disconnect a fan for any thorough cleaning, so consult the user’s manufacturer or manual website for instructions. It is worth noting that the fan will void the warranty, including disassembly. Most manufacturers of bladeless fans have detailed instructions on their website on how to clean their units properly or safely.

2. Disassemble the components of the outer housing

Use the appropriate type of screwdriver to loosen the screws in the housing. On the other hand, some fans have any clips that hold the wire mesh, but also remove them. You will find that the rear wire housing cannot be removed until the blade is removed and placed in the motor housing by a heavy-duty nut.

Be sure to keep all the screws and all their small parts in a small container so that they are not lost.

3. Remove the blades

The pendulum fans have a blade cap and later which will hold the fan blade in the motor housing. So first unscrew the front r cap then remove each blade.

4. Mix a cleaning solution

Place two tablespoons of a dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle that contains the grease cutter and add three cups of cool water. Stir to mix well.

5. Spray and clean

Place the fan blades and wire housing in a large sink. Start spraying well with the dishwashing liquid mixture. Then wait a while so that the dishwashing liquid can be cut through the grime. Then, wipe each surface using a microfiber cloth.

Do not water any part of the electrical or motor housing.

6. Washed and dried

Wash each ingredient thoroughly using cold water. Wipe each ingredient dry using a dry microfiber cloth. And to dry it, keep the air-dried parts in a sunny place or a ventilated place for at least 30 minutes. Each piece should be completely dried before replacing or sorting the fan.

7. Clean the rest of the floor(Shower Floor) fan

When disconnecting the fan, do weekly cleaning as you clean the rest of the components. Pay special attention to where the blade is attached. Use a vacuum dust brush to remove any dust that may contain some trapped dust.

If you have a tower or bladeless fan that holds the air filter, replace or remove the filter first.

8. Reassemble the floor fan

Assuming the fan disassembles the order, start by removing the last piece and reconnect it to the motor base. There should be no small parts after proper reuse!

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to clean floor fan?

how to clean floor fan

How do I clean a floor fan without separating?

Undoubtedly compressed air would be the best solution for songs with movable grates. Spray air on blades or crates to quickly remove dust.

What is the easiest way to clean the floor fan blade?

The easiest way to clean fan blades is to use a towel with hot water. If you want a more thorough cleaning, multi-purpose cleaners work great for the fan as well.

How long should you clean the floor fan?

How long should you clean the floor fan

Generally, your fan should be cleaned once every two to four weeks. However, this time frame will not be ideal for everyone though. But it will depend on the type of fan in your home, where your home is, how many people live in your home, and your cleaning habits.

Personal floor Fan

If you use a fan for a single room, you can leave it for four to six weeks without cleaning it. Otherwise, if your house turns to dust, then it is wise to clean your fan.

Living Room or Kitchen Ceiling floor Fan

Ceiling fans will need to be cleaned more frequently, than fans used in any bedroom or other small space. As more people move out of your kitchen or living room, the ceiling fans in your room will accumulate more dust over time.

If it becomes unclean, this dust will spread to your home, which can irritate the lungs of everyone in your home. So be sure to clean the fans more frequently in the living room or kitchen. Otherwise, it will freeze in your household appliances.

How do I stop my floor fan from getting dusty?

If you want to keep your fan clean for a longer period you must use furniture polish and a light waxing solution like this sweet-smelling promise from Amazon. These are usually made for home furniture. So it is safe to say that these cleaners will do a great job for any piece of furniture in your home.

Is it bad for you to sleep in front of the floor fan?

As long as the fans are on, they continue to collect chromos dust around your home. If your fan blows air towards you while you are sleeping, again if this fan is not clean, its dirt will be sent to your lungs along with the air. As a result, it can irritate the lungs and even cause sore throat, dry sinuses, or other related conditions.

If you want to install a fan in your room, it is best to keep it away from your bed. This is because keeping it a few feet away from you can reduce the risk of irritation.

Can I clean a floor fan with a hose?

Yes, but if you don’t want the motor housing to get wet, make sure the fan is off and plugged in. Next, separate the fan blades and cover. If this is not possible, clean using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment (otherwise you can use any of the general rules Our GUIDE. Also, spray the parts of the fan with a cleaning spray. Then allow them to dry completely on the outside, if possible wipe well with a towel again before use.

Is it better to put a floor fan in or out of a window?

Is it better to put a floor fan in or out of a window?

The air in the fan will make you feel nice if your room is warm. It is best to direct the fan to take the hot air out of your room.

Note: I assume that the air inside your house is warmer than the air outside your house. However, if this is not true, point the fan at you while it is running.

Do the fans heat the house?

Fans are only used to remove air. So they can’t make any room hot or cooler even if you want to. But if you keep your fan close to the heating or AC unit, it will help circulate the air (as cold or warm) throughout your home.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean floor fan. Happy Cleaning!

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