How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

It’s the easiest way to know How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere? Here to help with our three simple Fan Cleaning Guide.

By cleaning your ceiling fans regularly you can always expect pure cool air. Because the polluted dust attached to the fan can spread around your room. As a result, if you have allergy sufferers in your home, it will increase gradually and this polluted air helps to increase allergy disease in the home. Do you know what are the best ways how to clean ceiling fans without getting dust everywhere?

You will ask yourself if your ceiling fans are covered in a layer of dust. If you notice, you must see that dust particles will accumulate there after a few days. As a result, you can see that the fan is giving you air but not real air.

Not only that, at some point you will see that we have created a layer of dust on the fan blades, which further reduces the speed of the fan. You can never ensure cool airflow if the blades of the ceiling fan are not cleaned properly. And it is important to clean the ceiling fan. Through which you are not only giving long life to your fan but also making the air of your room completely pure.

Dust is a detriment to your ceiling fan. The main thing is to tell a truth, ceiling fans on higher ceilings how you can easily complete the cleaning activities using our best tips and techniques. So you are more fortunate that today we are showing you how to clean the ceiling fans without any fuss with our best tips.

Safety First:

Always protect yourself with caution in mind. In this case, when you work on your ceiling fans, you will see if it is off. Are you looking for something that will keep your child dust-free and easy to maintain? Some companies have developed ceiling fans that remove dust from the fan blades and ensure that your house and fan blades are clean. Cleaning the ceiling fan makes it more complicated as you have no ladder at your fingertips.

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

First of all, let’s see how easily we can clean ceiling fans without ladders. For this, you can clean the fans from the bottom by using whatever vacuum machine you have in your house. This machine can easily pull the dirt on the blade. I’m not saying it can’t be 100% clean. But I can say that it will work better for you than cleaning equipment other than ladders.

However, we do not want to let you know about these. We now show you below some simple ways to “get rid of ceiling fans” without getting dusty. Now let’s finally increase the experience of cleaning your ceiling fan.

If the ceiling fan fans seem to be non-assembly, then dusting is too thick for just cleaning with a rag or cloth is not enough. It is better to de-assemble all the parts one by one in such a situation. To do this, you have to bring the fan down from the ceiling.

Make sure the fan is cool before lowering. Remove the nuts from each fan with a head screwdriver. To do this you must be careful not to bend the blade.

Then take a large bowl to hold water or you can take any object that can hold water. Make a foam by mixing the detergent powder in that water. The blades are removed from your fan, leave it there for an hour and yes don’t put his body. After leaving the specified time, take a bowl or a pot.

And add a table of soap detergent to make a soapy solution in that container again. Now I take a dry cloth to wipe the blades. After soaking for an hour, the hard sticky dust attached to the blade comes out easily.

You can use a steel scrub to wipe off the seven dust marks.‌ But be careful not to damage the paint on the steel. So these should be lightly fished so there is no risk of reading any marks.

Doing all of the above can get your body dirty. Now is the time to clean your body. In this case, you can clean it using a detergent water solution.

How to clean a magnificent or dry ceiling fan

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

Here are the things you need to do:

  • Step ladder
  • Baby wipe
  • Odorless mineral spirit or Degreaser
  • Old sheet

When you use your ceiling fan for a long time, you will need to clean it one day. So if you want to clean it yourself with our tips how to clean ceiling fans without getting dust everywhere, it is better to know well how to clean it. You should clean about two to three times a year depending on the environment around your home. Fan: Extra grease and dusty body blades may be needed if full.

Here’s how to get clean started: First you put the old sheets on the floor. Then place the step ladder in a way that helps reach your ceiling fan. Then imitate the methods shown below:

In the episode,

Many things are required to clean the ceiling fan and you must take such as ladder, tissue, cleaner, damp cloth and if the fan is dirty, do not stick baby wipes.
Clean the dirt and debris on the fans with a baby wipe. Do all the work on the download, including from the ceiling to the motor housing.

And if the fan is sticky, wipe with a light amount of odorless mineral spirit or degreaser on top of a damp baby wipe cloth (don’t wet the cloth).

Carefully clean the blades of the ceiling fan from the top to the bottom without spreading dirt. If you are using a degreaser, be careful to clean the blades, as this can affect the design. When all of the above tasks are completed accurately, discard the baby’s dirty wipes and thoroughly clean the bottom sheet with warm water.

Outdoor ceiling fans can turn off the UL weight rating. However, indoor ceiling fans with outdoor ceiling fan UL damp rating and UL DRY rating do not communicate directly with water.

How to dust a fan on high ceilings

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Without Getting Dust Everywhere

Here are the things you need to do:

  • Old sheet
  • Long armed duster
  • bandana/Mask

If your phone is 10 feet or more in height, cover your nose and mouth with a long handle and a bandana/mask to clean it. Let’s see now, with an extension you need to clean it using a duster.

First of all, place the sheet on your floor to hold the dirt. Then mount the duster on the head of the long handle and remove the dust from the downstairs and pea housing of the ceiling fan. Carefully clean all the blades one by one. Then collect all the dust below. Finally, gently lift the sheet from the bottom and clean it outside and wash it with warm water. (For later work)

FQA (Frequently Questioned Answers)

Clean using a pillow cover

The pillow cover is quite comfortable to clean the fan without any fuss. So you can take any kind of old or dirty or good pillow cover. If dirty, after cleaning the cover will be dusted again so take it. Now let’s talk about work,

It would be better to wrap the blades of your ceiling fan with a pillow cover. And spread a sheet underneath to store the dirt worn down from the fan. Now gently drag the building from one end to the other. Clean the pillow cover again and clean each subsequent blade. And fan one by one until it is as clean and shiny as you want.

Clean the ceiling fan using a duster

You can get different types of things when you want to clean the ceiling fan. But if you complete the cleaning activity using a handle lock system duster in this manner, you will get an easy sliding advantage.

Now gently wash around each blade of the ceiling fan with your garbage. To do this, make sure that the dust does not spread quickly. Repeat this process two to three times until all the dust and dirt have disappeared from the blades.

Clean using a vacuum cleaner

With a vacuum cleaner, we usually see the floor or porch cleaned. But it has a nice side. With it, you can clean the ceiling fan of your home. Make sure you have the right brush attached to your vacuum machine.

The question may come to your mind that I will use the ladder, the answer I will say is to use this method to reach and clean the blades of the ceiling fan perfectly without the ladder.

First, you have to attach the stick to the machine well. In this case, you may need to use a chair (to clean in short form). The stick should be stiff enough but not heavy, as it can suddenly break and wear on your body during cleaning.

Start cleaning from one end of each blade to the other. And repeat the process until the complete dust of the blade disappears. When all the cleaning work is done one by one, use a cloth soaked in water to remove it. We are hopeful that this exercise will remove all the dust.


Many people do not want to clean the fan in the winter season (people useless at this time). You can never get fresh air without cleaning the ceiling fan. And we will always tell you not to keep it dirty for long. Because, this dirty dust can cause allergies or respiratory diseases in your family, you, or anyone else. Moreover, if the dust lasts for a long time, it becomes difficult to clean them.

If you use it regularly every day, you must clean it two to three times a year. Again, clean the hall at least once during the winter. Moreover, as it is closed for a long time, dirt accumulates here.
There is no substitute for those who clean at least once a week. No more excuses, clean your home fans By our Best guide how to clean ceiling fans without getting dust everywhere from now on.


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