How To Keep Dust Off Ceiling Fans | Quickly And Safely

How To Keep Dust Off Ceiling Fans | Quickly And Safely

Ceiling fans keep your room cool with blades, but one day they will be full of dust. Learn how how to keep dust off ceiling fans. There is no house in the world today that has the presence of dust. But if we clean these routinely weekly or monthly, it is possible to reduce the dust from the house.

Moreover, ignoring the issue of routine dust cleaning, the blades of the ceiling fan tend to collect faster. And then the dirty dust spread quickly around the house. The dust eventually settles on the furniture in the house and causes regular breathing problems for people there.

So you should keep the ceiling fans clean and keep the dust in every household. And that’s why today I will teach you how to keep dust off ceiling fans through our following article ?

Let’s get started! From here, things get trickier for your ceiling fan.

Step 1: Take some preparation before work.

Take a pillow first and open it in such a way that it can be easily seen inside. Spray the inside of the pillow lightly to ensure that the toxin is evenly distributed on both sides

Step 2: Capture the blades of dust.

First, turn off the ceiling fan when it is on (you may think it’s fun but it will keep you safe). Then take the sprayed pillow and place it on top of the blade until it reaches all parts of the fan.

Now move from one end to the other to push the pillow of each blade from the starting part of the ceiling fan to the opposite side.

And continue the same process on each blade until your mind is clear.

Step 3: Base and light dust

Now that the blades of the ceiling fan have been cleaned, they look shiny or new. Make sure the base or light fixture is attached to the fan. Then read the hand gloves with both your hands (like glove or mitten). Spray lightly on the ceiling fan with dusting spray. Spread your fingers over the fan, wipe the light fixtures all over the center of the fan

Now I hope the whole thing has been done very well! Be sure to clean the trash inside the pillow so that you can use the cleaning activity again the next time the ceiling fan gets dirty.

How To Keep Dust Off Ceiling Fans

Dust Cleaning

Protection first

It is very important to keep your safety in mind before doing any work. Because if you are not careful, any kind of serious damage can happen at any time.

However, below we have created a few more simple methods through which can help you yhow to keep dust off ceiling fans and prevent dust from your ceiling fan pages). You need to choose a place to clean up first and you will need some more materials, which is better to arrange in advance.

Usually, the ceiling fans are a little helpless so care needs to be taken while cleaning them. Security measures should be monitored as follows:

  • Make sure the fan is off if there is a rhythm. Be sure to turn it off and start working after 20 minutes (stay warm for 20 minutes).
  • Use one so you can safely reach the blades of his martyr ceiling fan or pull them down. When cleaning from the ladder, find the best position there and clean the blades by standing there.
  • Dust can go into the eyes or nose while cleaning. So in that case you can wear glasses for eye protection and a bandana/mask for the nose and face beforehand.
  • Sometimes there are some ceiling fan ladders but the ladders can’t sit properly there. In this case, even if a second person is needed, hire that person there.
  • Ceiling fans are not immediately out of reach in this case you can use them from the bottom (it will give you a lot of start protection).

how to keep dust off ceiling fans in less time (no one wants to spend a lot of time in this sector). So we can also ensure that the toxicity of reducing time to clean through these few common methods.

How To Keep Dust Off Ceiling Fans by Pillow


When you clean the fan blades, never want the dirt to spread down after cleaning. So with this pillow, you can skillfully collect the dust in the fan blade. Let’s see how this method works,

Take the first pillow and pull it from the edge point of the fan blade to the last end.
Keep wiping each blade in this way, if excess dirt accumulates in the pillow, clean the pillow and keep cleaning them in the same way as before.
Another option is to use a damp pillow to clean the pillow. Because it will make it clearer and more sticky.

No matter what kind of pillow you clean. After cleaning, you can throw it in the dustbin of the house or a remote place.

Microfiber duster or brush

A microfiber duster or brush can show you how to clean a ceiling fan in no time. Moreover, you can easily use it with your own hands. Or you can clean the blades of the ceiling fan by attaching them to various higher handles.



If your ceiling fan is within reach point from you, and the vacuum can easily reach the machine and the fan. But this is your best option. The vacuum cleaner will have a brush attached which will work great to wipe off the dust stuck to the hard surface like a blade, and there will be no guarantee that there will be dirt after cleaning. They will empty the inside of the machine. Moreover, with this method, you can complete the cleaning activities in the house without any hassle.

Old fashion soap and water

Some people use regular soapy water to wash clothes, and they like to use this method to clean other things like a ceiling fan. Although the cleaning activity in this method is not wrong.

First, you need to lower the ceiling fan with a screwdriver and then clean and dry it with soapy water and put it back in place. It may take you a while, but you can clean it up.

How To Keep Dust Off Ceiling Fans by removing the blades

This method will take a lot of time so cleaning is not a relatively easy task. However, first, the ceiling fan has to be brought down and the bills have to be removed there again. Before taking it down, make sure that the power line is still there (make sure to turn off the main switch at home).

You can remove any billets and reinstall them later. However, only you can run clean work in this way. But if you have an idea about these, that method will not work for you.

Unfortunately, you may find that the ceiling fan will prevent dust from forming according to size or height. But it is never possible to solve this problem depending on the style or its size.

There are solutions considering what kind of dust can be in your ceiling fan. Moreover, today we are going to discuss some more simple remedies. Which will take the initiative to clean up your future extra dirt.

However, there are many types of ceiling fans that can be cleaned. You can do whatever you like, and then talk about how to keep dust off ceiling fans

Here are a few More simple ways to Know how to keep dust off ceiling fans:

Furniture polish

By making a slippery surface, dust cannot easily get stuck in the fan blade. To create a slippery surface, regular fan blades can be polished to create a slippery surface, which can prevent excess dust on the blades.

Car wax

First, paste the car waxes. And when these pasted waxes are applied to the ceiling fan blades. It then forms a fascinating surface, through which its structure can remove the dust particles on top of it, while the dust on it begins to accumulate. Once applied to all parts of the blade, set it using a baby wipe cloth to buffer the wax.

Dust repellent spray

First, gently mix one part liquid fabric softener with 4 parts water. Then apply well to the ceiling fan blades and wipe with a dry clean cloth. And you can get these retail dust repellent spray products at any of the nearby stores, or you can make your own at home. You can read this article to learn How To Clean Ceiling Fans with Vinegar & Baking Soda In 2021

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are your ceiling fan blades so dusty

Why are your ceiling fan blades so dusty

You may sometimes look at your ceiling fan, and you may wonder why there is so much dust. Moreover, we once thought that when the ceiling fans are not used, and only then the fan blades are deposited. But the word is wrong, the ceiling fans are dusted there with regular use every day, you can see even if you notice.

Do you think that the blades of the ceiling fan can collect dust even though they are always running? So you’re right, the ceiling fans still collect a significant amount of dust during operation.
You may be wondering, why don’t the dust fly away even after the blades are moving fast?

The blades stand out, but they are made in such a way that the dust particles are easily trapped. It may seem that these can fly, but it never happens.

So let’s not hear the details, let’s see why and how dust accumulates in the ceiling fans.

When the blades of the ceiling fan rotate, all the surrounding dust gets stuck there. But, when it does not happen, it is stuck.

Since they tend to be driven by generating electrical charges, they can be both stable dynamics. Whether you say stable or dynamic, dust accumulates in the fan blades for both reasons.

Simply put, dust accumulates in the blades of ceiling fans for the following this reason:

dust accumulates in the blades of ceiling fans

Airflow and fluid dynamics

If your blades are made of metal, the main reason for the increase in dust in your ceiling fan blades is airflow and fluid dynamics. Although it is difficult to understand, its explanation is very simple.

Usually, the blades run continuously in the air at their own pace. Resulting in the fan not being able to transfer air directly over the blade. Except for the air in the blades of the ceiling fan, all the air must circulate it.

The inert air on the blades of the ceiling fan helps the dust particles to stick firmly to the blades and then accumulate there. As fast as it is driven, you may wonder why it doesn’t drop this dust from the blades.

The blades can easily rotate quickly when in the air due to the properties of the fluid kinetic energy and airflow. And this is why it often comes in contact with dust and later there is an accumulation of dust.

However, the blades of metal ceiling fans do not collect as much as plastic or wooden ceiling fans. But anyway, this situation is still annoying.


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