How To Clean Floor Drain In Basement (Update 2021)

How To Clean Floor Drain In Basement (Update 2021)

Every laundry or garage room must have an uninterrupted floor drain, allowing the backup to create a messy experience. A stuck floor drain can ruin your electronics and equipment and leave water on your floor. Today we will share you a very simple way on how to clean floor drain in basement?

How To Clean Floor Drain In Basement With 4 Steps

Consider Safety

Consider: Safety First

Liquid drain cleaners are not recommended but liquid drain cleaners on the other hand rarely work. However, that only makes it harder to deal with and poison things. If especially in the case of stuck floor basement drains. often the roots of the tree attack the damaged pipes and even the remains of the family.

You clean it again with that cleaner but it won’t hurt at all. And that’s only if you don’t want to use a liquid drain cleaner, and the dangerous chemical gets to the problem. In that case, if you have already applied liquid drain bleach or cleaner, you must proceed very carefully. Wear rubber gloves, old clothing, and protective eye clothing.

Make anyone else aware of the risks of working there and arrange for adequate ventilation of the area. If a small amount of standing water is in the floor drain basement. No electrical equipment that is not allowed for wet conditions should be used. Note: If You Want To Learn More About How To Clean Floor Fan Blades?, Read Here


First, remove the drain cover to clean the basement of your drain. Keeping its weight in place, it can be screwed to the floor(vents) or screwed in place. Then loosen the clean-out plug with an adjustable wrench and pull it out. When you are done, keep the clean-out plug in the drain so that it does not allow dangerous sewage gases to enter your home.

Hot water

If the water continues to flow slowly down the drain, using hot water quickly can remove any residue trapped inside the drain and even break some obstructions. Boil some water as hot as possible (2 gallons). You may not have a large pot to boil 2 full gallons. So you can add boiling water to other heated water and it should work. Pour it quickly under the drain then if the drain is not completely clogged and as a result water will stand on your floor.

Vinegar and baking soda

how to clean floor drain in basement

The chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda will help speed up the drain slowly. Even if your drain is completely blocked, it will not be effective in standing water. However, vinegar and baking soda will react which prevents cleaning inside your drain.

So you pour 1 cup each at the bottom of the drain then follow it with 3 cups of white boiling water. Wait until the bubbles form and stop pouring more water under the drain to make sure there are no closures left. If the water seems to dry out slowly, repeat the vinegar and baking soda process.

Plumber Snake

how to clean floor drain in basement

Plugs often get stuck in water and dirt. So you often use snakes or agars to open the drains to clean the drains slowly. You can rent or buy these at most home improvement stores. There are some smaller drains such as those designed for bathroom sinks, so a larger look for these drains on the floor should be ensured.

Twist the edge of the age then throw it in the drain. If you see that you are using a manual auger. Then for electronic ages, press the foot pedal to engage it to turn it clockwise and set the pipe. If you can’t feel the resistance, then slowly lower the pipe and then twist it back a bit. Go back and forth several times to try to cut a groove.

If there is a problem moving forward, pull the burner pipe from the drain and tear off the rest to help clear the debris.

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Purpose of basement floor drain plus maintenance and tips

There are many old and luxurious house basements in Phoenix although the basements are not as common as in other countries. This means there will be a floor drain for a basement. Everyone has probably seen floor drains before in most cases in public restrooms, laundry, and shower rooms.

The basement floor drain is designed to hold water overflowing from baths, pools, toilets, and other plumbing around your home. Collect basement floor drains and directs any excess water safely into storm drains or a sewer to avoid flooding. However, some regular maintenance of the floor drain should be done to avoid timber with any plumbing.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Basement Floor Drain Clogs

Symptoms of Basement Floor Drain Clogs

Well, backing up your basement floor drain is not uncommon. Floor drains get stuck more often than other drains, which is why it is the floor where there is a tendency to collect debris and dirt.

Debris, hair, and dirt:

Most dusty pet or rabbit hairs are often found inside the drain. When cleaning the basement of their floor drain, many people make the mistake of hanging debris and dirt directly into the floor drain and that leads to more frequent closures.

Foul odor:

If you notice that the P-trap of your drain is probably dry or your floor drain is emitting a horrible odor. Usually, a dry P-trap helps to get bad sewage gases into the house. To start cleaning the water down the drain, first grab a bucket and fill the p-trap. One gallon or two of dumping is enough, again in some cases adding about five gallons to the net will be able to successfully seal all the sewage gas.

Additionally, by adding water to the drain you can see if it is already stuck or if it is working properly. Pour water over regular floor drains This will ensure that your drain is ready when you need it most.

Basic Maintenance: Floor Drain In Basement

At least one-fourth, once the drains are cleaned, will work properly and keep them healthy. Use a safe liquid drain cleaner if needed even after cleaning several times. If you have problems with other drains or if your basement floor drains are not cleaned in a short time, call a professional to find out what is blocking the drain and clean it.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean floor drain in basement. Happy Cleaning!

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