How To Clean An Old Tile Floor With Six Easy Steps

How To Clean An Old Tile Floor With Six Easy Steps

Tiles are often installed in used rooms such as kitchens, showers, and bathrooms. Later those tile floors have to take a huge amount of family traffic every day. That’s why at some point those tiles get old and even become very dirty. However, there is nothing to fear if they get dirty. Because today we will show you how to clean an old tile floor? Read on to learn the best methods for cleaning tile products and floors.

How To Clean An Old Tile Floor(Fan Blades)

1. A simple Sweep

how to clean an old tile floor

First take a soft broom that does not contain hard bristles that can scrape, damage, or scratch the tiles. Then sweep the whole house with a simple broom. Remember to make sure that the grout is in an area when you are scrubbing. You don’t want to put too much pressure on areas that have some cases. This is especially true if you have had some time to revitalize the floor (when you start to see air holes/cracks or the maximum recommended time to re-grout is 10-15 years). If you have extremely fragile antique floor tiles, use only a broom to remove dust. Because it is less likely to damage the tiles.

2. A cloth and hot water

A Cloth and Hot Water

What you never want to clean old floor tiles is to limit the tiles to a flood of water. Since vintage encaustic tiles are somewhat porous, there is a possibility of solvent or cleaner absorption of the tiles. So you will want to reduce the amount of water used on the floor to wipe the tiles with a hot rag. Remember it is not right to scrub the tile as it damages the structure of the tile.

3. Applying tile and grout cleaner

how to clean an old tile floor

To do this step it is recommended to first have a sample space and sample tiles tested with a cleaner. Some cleaners are more acidic and abrasive in nature. Again since the tiles have some clean liquids that may or may not have their tolerance to a variety of chemicals. However, I suggest that you use a cloth to clean those areas that will not be noticed at first. Then if you do not feel any adverse effects from cleaning, proceed to clean the rest of the floor. Then apply the cleaner again using a spray bottle to avoid over saturation of the antique tiles. Once you have applied the grout or tile cleaner, wash the tile with warm water.

4. Wear bleach

If there is any foreign substance in the old tiles, however, in those cases the bleach should be avoided in the final case. Because it can cause damage to the tiles in use. Again do not use it as the first thing in antique tiles, these also cause damage and color loss, even more, likely to be misused. It is strongly recommended that you mix any bleach with a 1-part bleach to a 9-part water solution. As a grout or tile cleaner, tiles should be inspected before cleaning the entire floor. On the other hand, since you are going to work with a strong chemical, there should be adequate ventilation. Nevertheless, it creates problems in areas with high debris or pollen. So open a door or window for fresh air circulation and if possible use an interior fan for air circulation.

5. Drying

Here are a few ways you can dry the floor. However, first, you can dry the tile hand using a dry non-corrosive cloth. This is my preferred method as it will ensure that you do not have any empty solvent or water in the tile. The second method is to dry the tiles using a fan and dehumidifier as well. However, when using a dehumidifier, keep your device on a shelf or worktop to avoid contact with the floor. I do not recommend leaving any antique tile floor to air dry. Moreover, due to the sponge-like properties of some older tiles, the tiles are allowed to air dry, allowing the tiles to absorb water without reducing the water area. This can result in tile or grout cracking.

6. Prevention

Once you have cleaned your old floor tiles you can add a clean coating to the tiles, to increase the longevity of the tiles. If you want, you can use clean floor enamel in some cases. You can add clean wax to the floor depending on the type of antique tile floor. Another thing is what kind of protective coating will apply to your antique tile floor. If you are unsure about that, just call a professional before doing any work on your floor.

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How To Properly Care For Tiles

Properly Care For Tiles

If you clean your tile floor(Without Mop) regularly, dirt or moisture will not accumulate. According to experts, you should try to fit in with regular wet floor cleaning once a week for your kitchen and at least once a week for your bathroom. But in addition to routine mopping, you should vacuum or scrub at least once a week. Otherwise, stinginess or dirt can create scratches on the surface of your beautiful tile.

Things You Should Avoid To Protect Your Floor!

  • Stain cleaners or removal products that are not compatible with your floor – so always read the labels and check with your floor manufacturer if necessary.
  • Wire brushes or hard bristles, or steel wool pads: This scratches the tile.
  • Chemical cleaners such as ammonia are usually notorious for interacting with other cleaners, so always read the labels before use.
  • Chemical cleaners that emit smoke should be used sparingly. And always try to work in a ventilated place. Again keep pets or babies away while you clean.
  • You should not wear certain types of cleats or high heels that could scratch your tile.
  • Heavy things can break your tile later on.
  • Dirt accumulation is the worst enemy of a tile floor (the reasons for which have already been discussed).
  • Spills: These should be wiped off immediately or your tile will be colored. However, once the floor is clean, always dry it well.
  • Oil-based cleaners: Oil-based cleaners create a very slippery surface when used on glossy or glazed tiles and even cause accidents.

FAQ: How to clean an old tile floor?

How to clean an old tile floor?

How often to clean tile floors?

Keeping your floor wet and dry tiles clean is only possible through regular cleaning. For dry cleaning, need to sweep or vacuum at least once a week. This will ensure that your floors are kept clean as they move.

Vacuums should usually have a soft-bristle attachment to work on any type of tile floor. And later on, these soft-bristle attachments though are tough to fit in tight spots but work great overall. Use a dustpan and broom to finish the weekly cleaning work.

Enjoy a wet cleaning of your kitchen tile floor every two weeks. Spread the tile floor in your bathroom once a week to stop germs from forming faster.

It should not be just a binary or weekly process. Spot the grout whenever a very dirty kind of dirt gets on the upstairs floor tile then take the time to clean it up or hire professionals.

What is the best way to clean the tile floor?

In this guide, you will learn how to make them look brand new and how to properly clean tile floors.

Floor tiles are common and versatile for bathrooms and kitchens. To make tile floors look their best, keep them free of debris and dirt.

It doesn’t take too long to learn how to easily clean a tile floor in your busyness.

Which product should you use to clean your tile floor and how should it be cleaned and how long should your floors be cleaned. Once you learn these, this is what you need to guide.

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Floor Paint: How To Get Tile Paint?

how to clean an old tile floor

In this chapter, you will learn how to remove paint from tiles and paint.

You will need a heat gun, utility knife, clean rag, citrus-based paint stripper, plastic scraper, rubber gloves, and safety goggles. Be sure to wear a dust mask if you want to remove lead color.

Scrap the paint off the tile

The first way is to close it and stop painting. When scraping, wear a dust mask.

Step 1: Carefully hold a utility knife at a 45-degree angle to scrape the paint out of the tile.

Do this in a short, firm (main copy check must need) and gentle strokes. Continue scraping if the color comes off without damaging the floor. However, if you notice any signs of cracking or cracking on the floor, stop scraping and go to 2nd method.

Step 2: Wipe the floor clean with water and a clean rag damp.

Heat and scrape the paint

In this method, you loosen the dry paint on your tile floor using a hit gun.

The color you remove can cause cancer in your lungs. So be sure to wear a dust mask for preservation.

Step 1: In a small area of ​​about 1-2 square feet at a time, heat the tight floor to continuously remove the hit gun.

Do this to avoid excessive or fuzzy heat on your tile floor. Then continue it until the paint is soft.

Step 2: Starting from the outer edge while working your way, carefully remove the paint and hold a plastic scrap at a 45-degree angle.

Since the paint will often come up in strips, you will need to be patient in this step. In one corner, be patient and then work slowly to make sure all the paint has been removed.

Step 3: Use a damp cleaning rag to clean the surface. Repeat this process until all the paint has been removed.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean an old tile floor. Happy Cleaning!

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