How To Clean Water Spots Off Car Window

How To Clean Water Spots Off Car Window

To help you reduce the amount of time spent rubbing out water stains on car windows. Find out how to clean water spots off car window? Read our blog to learn the right way. You can only see small white spots on your windshield, cleaned inside and out, and still see small white spots.

Or you may have been frustrated that the white car wash was not removed. What are they? What do you have to do to be released? And where do they come from? In some cases, they contain too much calcium and magnesium as water minerals. When this hard water evaporates or dries up on a surface, it forms scars on the back of the mineral residue.

And so what you see next is white smoke stains that cannot be removed by ordinary car wash methods. These calcium or stains, harden over time (making your cleansing work even more impossible). Not only this, with the help of glass you can do welding.

Let’s take a look at what sources of hard water stains can come from: rainwater, a car wash (which can be easily removed), and even DIY wash your garden hose.

How To Clean Water Spots Off Car Window

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To choose which treatment or method to use to cure these, the formula is right for the intensity of water stains on your car windows and especially for colored windows. how to clean water spots off car window? . There are several ways to do this:

Vinegar Solution Method

how to clean water spots off car window

Quantities of water stains The vinegar solution acts as acidic and alkaline. This method usually works better if the freshwater stains are removed. But this way you will first need a spray bottle, white distilled vinegar, distilled water, squeegee / dry towel, or rough towel:

First mix distilled water and distilled vinegar in a 50/50 ratio to make a vinegar solution. Then lift into a spray bottle and shake the bottle for a few seconds. Then spray the vinegar solution on the spot where your car stains. Leave this mixture on the spotted spot for 2 minutes (let it soak well at this time).

If you see any other water stains along with it, apply it there too. Soak a rough towel in the water solution again, until it is soaked in vinegar. Spread it on the spray on your car mirrors or windows. And leave these stains on the window (wet rough towel) for 1 to 2 minutes for effective treatment.

Avoid aggressively scrubbing

Then gently scrub the glass (with a wet rough towel). Aggressively scrubbing it can scratch your side mirrors, windshield and windows rear glass. These harmful barriers to rough towels work well enough to get rid of water stains from the glass through light touch.

In some cases, it is not possible to remove the stains stubbornly or easily, but keep the solution on the glass for a long time (so that it gets wet better). Once dry you spray more solution. But remember not to dry this solution on the glass surface. Again wipe with a dry paper towel and a solution of water and vinegar on the sci-fi car window mirror.

Make sure the solution is wet on the glass before you finish using the dry paper towel or squeegee. In addition to vinegar, there are some natural rules by which we can clean any hard stains on our cars.

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Natural Home Remedies

This is an easy preventative way even if cleaned with vinegar. You can get the same results by using this natural home remedy if you want. Not only that, this option may save you some money. Items you need sponge or towel, a little brush, baking soda, essential oil with citrus formula, fresh lemon, toothpaste, vinegar, and distilled water.

Method of Sticking Toothpaste or Baking Soda And Vinegar

To make this application easier, blend the toothpaste a little more with water. Apply the toothpaste to the car mirrors or windows using water with a towel or sponge and brush. Then let the toothpaste sit for a few minutes. Now remove the glass toothpaste using a squeegee and water. Then make sure the glass is completely dry with a dry paper or towel.

Note: An alternative to toothpaste is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Lemon Juice or Essential Oil Treatment

First, take the lemon slices (press it on the hard surface a little before that). And before you cut it into pieces, pressing it will make it easier for you to get the juice out. You don’t have lemons on your hands, but you can use oranges (to make the same formula from lemons and oranges):

how to clean water spots off car window

Use your hand or a lemon squeezer to squeeze out the lemon juice. Mix the extracted lemon juice with water and pick it up in a spray bottle. Or if you use citrus oil, mix it with water in a spray bottle. But again you don’t have a spray bottle, soak a towel with essential oil or citrus juice instead. Then spritz the solution directly on top of your car glass.

Similarly, press a half-cut lemon on top of a glass surface to extract the juice next. Soak the essential oil or lemon juice in the glass for a few minutes. Before the solution dries, gently scrub the car window mirrors using a towel or sponge. Splash or spray some distilled water on car windows and mirrors. Then wipe again using a dry paper towel or squeegee.

Note: Bottled lemon juice should not be used as it may not be as effective as fresh lemon juice.

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Method Of Fine Steel Wool

how to clean water spots off car window

When essential oils, lemon, vinegar, vinegar, and baking soda, blends, and toothpaste methods fail to remove water stains, you can use this natural fine steel wool technique to remove stubborn water stains. You will need a glass cleaner (alcohol and vinegar mixed with water in a container) and fine steel wool (grade 0000):

First make a mixture of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and distilled water in one container. Then create your own homemade glass cleaner solution. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to every 1 cup of alcohol and water rub. Take your glass cleaner solution in a spray bottle. Spray on car side mirrors and windows with glass cleaner.

And let this glass cleaner soak in the glass of the car window and ide mirror for a few minutes. Then gently wipe the stains with fine steel wool while the glass is still wet. Make sure you are using grade 0000 fine steel wool, otherwise using something else may scratch your car glass. At the end of all clean car mirrors and windows with a dry paper towel or sponge.

Note: If you’re not worried about dropping scratch marks on your window, don’t check it out before you apply it.

Clay Bar Technique

You can use this clay bar (clay bar technique) method to get rid of regular water stains. But if you see water stains as binding or mineral deposits, then this treatment may not be as effective. And then it would be better for you to choose another method. You will need a spray bottle, a clay lubricant, a microfiber towel, and a detailed clay bar :

First, spray the top of the stained car glass with soil lubricant. Do not put extra pressure to remove the detailed earthen bar above the car windows. Then keep rubbing gently with the clay bar on top of the car windows, until it sticks to the surface and moves easily.

Make sure all the hidden spots on your windows and windshield corners are covered. Rub the car glass using a dry microfiber towel to clean it at the very end.

Note: This is normal if the soil bar gets dirty again and again after rubbing. So fold it up and use the clean side. Similarly, use the detailed clay bar to clean the limbs.

How do I prevent hard water stains on my car?

how to clean water spots off car window

An Experts say “As they say, prevention is better than cure,”. Keep your car windows, mirrors, and windshields away from water stains. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Always treat the car glass with a water repellent. Several water repellent products can be used on car glass to prevent water stains from forming and act as a buffer (you can use them).
  • But you need to make sure that the water repellents are made specifically for the car windows, not even interfering with visibility.
  • When you park, the place should be such that your vehicle will not come in contact with hard water.
  • For example, see if you park your car in a closed parking garage, you can avoid acid rain filled with bonded mineral residues.
  • Wash your car regularly again. Sometimes, the car is not carelessly cleaned, and water stains on the car windows after being abandoned.
  • But if you spray windows with vinegar solution at least once a week or wash your car regularly, we can guarantee you that water stains will not be a problem.
  • After washing your car every time, dry it. To dry again or wipe windows with a microfiber cloth.

As discussed in this article, we have shown several ways to how to clean water spots off car window? All you have to do now is decide which method to use depending on the complexity of the water stains.


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