How To Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans In 2021

How To Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans In 2021

Cleaning the ceiling fan is not an easy. That’s why we let you know here our best guide how to clean greasy ceiling fans in 2021.

Keeping your ceiling fan greasy and dust-free is an important task. And it not only keeps your fan clean but also ensures its long life, even the air in the house ensures it is safe from your family. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Even if you don’t see it, a kind of doubt arises in your mind. If the ceiling fan is cooked and positioned, the fan fans are badly covered in dust or dirt.

You must proceed step by step until you are encouraged to investigate. Dust is the main beneficial object of a disgusting ceiling Let’s be honest not all cleaning work is the same. However, cleaning your ceiling fans in a greasy way will bring peace and tranquility at least.

And that’s why you have to clean the ceiling fan blades above the higher ceiling. We have compiled these tips. So our helpful guide to this will teach you how to clean greasy ceiling fans.

Safety first. Yes, you can always keep yourself safe by being careful. So before you start, be sure to turn off the fan breaker first.

Preparation work of how to clean greasy ceiling fans

Before cleaning or cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan, it is wise to keep all the cleaning equipment in place. If there is excess dust or dirt in the ceiling fan fans. Or you may think that it will take a lot of digging to do the work. In this case, you have to spread a seat (place the newspaper) on the floor beforehand.

Because if you clean there for a long time, dust can spread around the house. If necessary, permanently lower the blades one by one from the fan with a screwdriver. If you have children in your home, turn off the fan or turn off the main switch, because when you see them working, they forget to turn it on.

Set up your step leader’s tray with all the necessary cleaning tools at hand to get things done quickly. Maybe spare rags, paper towels, etc. Finally, you must wear a mask and bandanna to protect your eyes or nose. Never let dirt in the fan shots protect your eyes but will do more harm than good

Grim Time

Grease usually increases the speed of the fan and prevents rust. But because these greases are in the ceiling fan, dust and dirt are easily trapped there, because the grease is always like greasy bullets. To remove the soft parts of the grease attached to the ceiling fan, first, use dry paper or a towel (blade tops first). Once these are removed, immediately remove the remaining dirt with a cloth.

Each blade of the ceiling fan continues to repeat the process according to your needs until you are doing what you want. Grease can be anywhere on the surface of the grim blade so wipe the bottle or the whole part well after the blades are finished. Light can help remove buildup, otherwise, you can apply any cleaner yourself just to remove the odor around the dirt.

Grabbing the Grease

Household is a clean method. Which is easily cut with grease and makes all the blades in the fan shiny. Wipe the blades of the cleaning fan with a damp but not wet sponge or cloth. If you look at the condition of your ceiling fan, it seems that you need to spray. He can spray it accordingly. But proving that it can be sprayed is quite a difficult task in most cases.

Let it dry in the sun for a while then if you see that the tea is not greasy it is still better than before but not at once. In that case, you continue your cleaning process until it is as clean as yours.

However so far we have seen the small method in short form, now we will see how to get the job done easily step-by-step is shown below.

How To Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans

Clean Greasy Ceiling Fans


Step Ladder
Baby Wipes
Degreaser or Odorless Mineral Spirit
Old Sheet

You must have used the ceiling fan for a long time and at times you must have thought that it is important to know how to clean greasy ceiling fans. If it gets too dirty then you go to a professional to get the cleaning done. But here you can also save your money, in this case, you need to know how to clean the ceiling fans.

Generally, every fan should be cleaned two to three times a year otherwise the beauty of the fan is ruined and its efficiency is reduced. And so if the dirt or grease is completely stuck to the body or blades of the fan, then you must be cleaned

Place the old sheet on the floor next to the ceiling fan itself and place the step ladder to climb the ceiling fan. Which will help you reach the ceiling fan easily. Then follow the steps as shown below:

A few more things will be needed to clean the ceiling fan, such as damp cloths, cleaners, ladders, and tissues,

Follow This Rules Carefully

If your ceiling fan is not greasy but dirty, you can clean the dirt. Start from the front of the canopy above the ceiling fan and remove all of the downstairs and motor housing.

If the fan is already bright or greasy, wipe lightly with Degreaser or Odorless Mineral Spirit on the baby wipe (damp cloth but not wet) and as instructed.

Always clean the entire area from all the blades to carefully disperse the dirt you have given. Another aspect to keep in mind if you run clean activities with mineral spirits. In this case, your blades will have a kind of effect on the design or the silkscreen. Which can ruin your design so work with caution.

Now when the fishing is done, wash the dirty baby wipes that have been used in hot water for the next use. And take out the sheet underneath and clean it well.

To clean the ceiling fan, be sure to have a UL rating.

But indoor ceiling fans with UL DRY rating and outdoor ceiling fans with UL damp rating should not be added directly to the water.

If You want know how to clean ceiling fans with vinegar and baking soda

Ceiling fan light fixture cleaner

  • Be sure to switch the fan’s power button if it is on. After removing all the bulbs in the fan, mount it with a screwdriver and carefully rotate it clockwise.
  • Now wash it well in soapy water with hot water and dry it in the sun according to the quantity.
  • Check if it is worn or torn. If so, check the rubber gasket at the beginning of each shade, or use two or three heavy-duty rubber bands instead and change the soup on the gasket.
  • Now replace the shade of the tree in the specified place and make sure that the mounting screws are in order and if you do this then the glass will not slip or shake.
  • Carefully replace the removed light bulbs.
  • Replace the glass shades, making sure the mounting screws are finger-tight. In this way, the glass will not flutter or vibrate when the fan is working.
  • Replace light bulbs.

Now it’s your turn to relax, let your ceiling fan rotate gently to keep the air cool. We also have a few more Articles through which you can ensure a long life by cleaning your ceiling fan.


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