How To Clean Ceiling Fans Blades? Best Guide for Beginner

How To Clean Ceiling Fans Blades? Best Guide for Beginner

Ceiling fans look great – but only until they start to catch dust. Know Here How To Clean Ceiling Fans Blades? Effectively Guide for Beginner. Ceiling fans have been working great to keep your home cool on hot days, eliminating the hot weather.

So when on hot days, the more fans are used – the more ceiling fan blades will continue to collect dust. Thus, if a lot of dust is collected slowly, the allergy trigger will increase. With the spring weather spreading around, now is the time to get your ceiling fans covered. But many people unfortunately ignore this issue.

And so the dirty blades make the house enjoy the crispy airflow. So today we know how to clean ceiling fans blades and why it is more important work. I am going to discuss this in detail

how to clean ceiling fans blades

clean ceiling fans

Be sure to turn off the ceiling fan first to make sure it is turned on, and another thing to keep in mind is that you can touch the blades after turning it off (turn off the running fan and keep it warm for 20 minutes).

Moreover, the blade duster can do a lot of damage while running.

  • The blade speed of the ceiling fan should be cleaned of dust once a week.
  • You can buy a pole shower that slides to remove the dust that greasy to the blade of your ceiling fan and use it to easily clean the top and bottom of the blade.
  • Cleaning higher ceiling fans becomes a bit of a hassle. In this case, for deep cleaning, place a ladder down along the straight edge of the fan and carefully climb up with a microfiber cloth and towel to approach the fan blades. And wipe with a dry towel, cloth (damp cloth but not fried). Thus keep repeating the process to clean each blade.
  • Gently wipe the inside of the ceiling fan with dry cloth from the motor housing. Keep in mind that no one inside should be torn apart by the tension.
  • If you are an aristocrat, you can clean it by using a spray with compressed air to remove the dust inside.
  • When cleaning the blades vigorously, care must be taken to ensure that the blades do not bend, break or disappear.

BE Careful For below Rules

  • If you use toxic chemicals to clean, be careful. Because all the time toxic or harmful cleaner things can scratch the motor housings of the fan’s blades.
  • Things that should not be used as cleaners. For example, alkaline cleansers, alcohol, etc. contained in the baby can create wonderful compounds.
  • You can use the commercial anti-static, dust-repellent spray when you clean your songs. Which will make your ceiling fan last longer and keep it as the previous new one.
  • Spray the ceiling fan cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe all the ceiling fans with each blade. Or mix one part of fabric softener in water in a bottle and make an anti-static spray and spray them on the ceiling fan.

There is also another great method by which you can make your ceiling fans greasy very neatly.

Use baby wipes to clean ceiling fans blades

This method usually involves deep cleaning of the blades of the ceiling fan and is much easier to use. However, you will need some tools for this. Nothing so important is that we have almost everything in our house, for example

Step ladder
Old sheets
Mask / Bandana (optional)
Baby wipes/clothes
Degreaser or mineral spirits (odorless mineral spirits are best)

Instructions –

  • Always keep yourself safe and keep the subject in mind and make sure to turn off the ceiling fan first. If you already have a mask/salutation, you must wear it for long-term work. This will protect the cleaned dust or dirt from getting into your nose and mouth when you clean the fan. It will also make your breathing easier by keeping you completely protected.
  • If there is excess dirt in the ceiling fan, you must place a sheet on a floor below so that the dust and dirt collected later does not spread. Then the dirt on the sheet can be easily thrown out in a certain place.
  • Place the step ladder along the bottom of the ceiling fan so that the blades of the ceiling fan can easily reach you.
  • When you come close to the ceiling fan when you die, if you see that the ceiling fans are dusty but not greasy, in this case, clean the top and bottom of each blade using baby wipes. One more thing to keep in mind is to keep repeating this process until it is completely clear.
  • If you see that the light fan is greasy, mix a light amount of mineral part or degreaser on top of the cloth or baby wipe (it should be damp, it should not get wet). Be sure to wipe the top and bottom of the fan blade well until the grease disappears.
  • Then when all the cleaning activities are over, pick up the items used as your cleaning items such as baby wipes and sheets and put the dirty ones outside and wash them in hot water and dry them again for later use.

Why should I clean my ceiling fan?

Only by cleaning the ceiling fan can a long life be ensured. And that’s why keeping the ceiling fan clean is incredibly important.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. There is a special aspect if you have any kind of respiratory disease like small children or adults like asthma in your house. In that case, dirty ceiling fans can cause a lot of chaos for them.

With the change of seasons, the ceiling fan is constantly collecting dust, so it is important to clean the ceiling fans as the seasons change. Do fans continue to change from season to season through the flow of air?

Many ceiling fans install a type of switch that turns the gunboats clockwise. This is how the ceiling fans carry the hot heat to you in winter and lift the coolers to the top.

Are Ceiling Fans Dust Gather like a Shadow

However, the blades can collect dust for more days and cast a gray shadow on them. That’s why you’ll want to keep the cleaning in mind, whether it’s a sock week or a monthly one. If you live in a dusty area like dusty land, gravel roads.

Once in a while, the dirt-dust will come into your house, and the ceiling fans will continue to become more polluted as they are not cleaned for a long time. Never want guests to be dirty when they come home. In any case, it is more important to keep the ceiling fan clean.

Furthermore, when the ceiling fans turn around they are considered to be the culprits in polluting the dust! And if the amount of dust in the blades of the ceiling fan becomes too much, it will affect the speed. As a result, the motor puts extra pressure on it, which can cause it to break down at some point. Excluding the matter will be ruined, it can affect your orientation.

Then you must use it comfortably, keeping it dust-free all year round, and use it in two modes in two seasons according to the winter-summer season.


As you may already know, we have already discussed how to clean ceiling fans blades and some simple methods. You may want to use these strategies yourself without having to list them now! Yes why not However you do not have to worry about this skill for the second time in your life, then you can do it yourself without any hassle.

Now you may be wondering if these strategies depend on our environment or do these polluting factors depend on the environment? I will say yes! Because our problems are caused by the environment and it is possible to fix them through the things of the environment.

Finally, I would say now is the time to enjoy the ceiling fan cleanly. These will enhance the beauty of your home design. Not only does it enhance your beauty but it also helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Cleaned ceiling fans (these are fairly easy to clean) are a lot more interesting to look at, and also work much better to give air from a dirty ceiling fan.

If you clean the ceiling fans (how many times a month or year) in winter and summer, then it is easier to clean later.

Lastly, enjoy your ceiling fan, but providing efficient airflow in both summer and winter months can help you stay cool or warm and often reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Clean fan blades are much more attractive and efficient and are fairly easy to clean.

The more times you clean them, the more important it is to remember (say once a month, especially in winter), the easier it is to keep them clean.

One final word,

A cooling and heating technician once said that when there is no one in the house, the cooling fans must be turned off. And this will reduce our electricity and provide cooling and warmth for people for a long time.


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