How To Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper (Update 2021)

How To Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper (Update 2021)

Since now everyone has a bathroom in their home. So perhaps you are familiar with the experience of syncing up clogging. This is when you feel the water taking a little longer to flow. Even after a while, it takes more time. And sometimes it reaches a point where it never goes through the drain at all.

If this is your case, the only solution is to remove the stopper to block the drainpipe. The good news, is that this is a common practice. You can do this with just a few simple tools in your home. So here’s how to remove bathroom sink stopper without delay.

Tools are needed to remove the bathroom sink stopper

To remove your bathroom sink stopper, you first need to combine a few basic items. See a list of everything you might need here,

  • Wrench or plus
  • Brush (e.g. old toothbrush)
  • Flashlight
  • Regular detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Block sync
  • Bucket
  • Hair suffocation removal tools
  • Drain cleaner liquid

A step-by-step guide on how to remove bathroom sink stopper

You will have all the tools. Here are the steps you need to take to remove the bathroom sink stopper,

Step 1. Try to remove the stopper by hand

how to remove bathroom sink stopper

Some stoppers can be removed by hand without any special technique or equipment. To do this, you have to lift the stopper and turn it again. Or it may be what you need to avoid.

Step 2. Remove items from the bottom of the sink

If you have trouble getting the stopper out, you need to go under the sink to release it. So the next step is to remove everything stored under the sink to get you enough space to work.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’ve removed everything under the sync before you do the next thing. You might think this is taking your extra time. However, you will find a little more space to move around and feel comfortable working.

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Step 3. Identify the horizontal immersion rod

Take his flashlight and place his head under the sink. Now you need to find the horizontal rod that attaches the stopper to the strap. It is easy to detect, it is a rod that is a piece of metal with holes attached to the vertical straps.

Step 4. Locate the clip attached to the rod and strap

When you get to the rod and see the metal strap attached to it. And you will see more that they are fixed together by a small metal clip.

Remove this clip so the rod and strap can no longer be attached. And keep the clip safe somewhere so it doesn’t get lost.

Pro Tip: Make a note of which strap the rod was attached to before removing the clip. That way, you’ll know exactly how to put it back together. If you have trouble writing and understanding, use your phone to take photos.

Step 5. Unscrew the pivot nut

how to remove bathroom sink stopper

Just attach the other end of the rod that you will separate from the strap to a pivot nut. Now you need to empty it.

At this point, when you loosen this nut, no water can come out. So it is a good idea to put a bucket under the sink beforehand to catch it.

Then when you put the bucket in place. Then loosen the nuts with your hands. If it is difficult to do, you can use the wrench to loosen it.

Pro Tip: When you are loosening the nuts, some water may come out of it. So be prepared in advance, on the other hand if your drainpipe is blocked. But it will probably be quite dirty. So try not to take it in your mouth!

Step 6. Remove the stopper

The stopper will now be free so you can simply pull it out of the hand.

Pro Tip: If your sink is blocked, the stopper will probably be quite ugly and covered in gunpowder. However, once it’s out, you have a great chance to clean it up well. Try to pull as many songs as you can. Then clean with a small brush.

Once it’s out, you’ll find another way to clean up here. Make a mixture of a little hot water with a little detergent and vinegar. Then spread them again to clean there.

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Step 7. Remove hair with hair removal

Take a look when you go to replace the stopper. Whether you have a chance to pull any hair and gun out of the hole. If you notice the presence of hair, use the hair remover tool. Plus it will help pull most of your stuck hair and other guns out of the sink.

Step 8. Consider washing it with a drain-cleaning product

This is a good opportunity to clean the drainpipe thoroughly before placing the plug behind. Although it was especially blocked before.

You must follow the instructions for the drain cleaning product. Then pour the drain-cleaning into the drain and leave it for a while to do its job. This is usually done for at least ten minutes – submerge in hot water and lower it.

Now water should flow easily in it. I mean, you have successfully blocked your blocked drain.

Step 9. Put everything back in place

how to remove bathroom sink stopper

When you feel that everything is clear and the drain is unblocked. Now everything has to be done exactly as before, so just follow the same steps in reverse order.

First put the sink stopper back in the hole. Then go under the sink and screw the nut in place. To do this, tighten again with a twist if necessary.

When the nuts have hardened, reattach the rod using the clip you removed. Then come out from under the sink to test the stopper.

When you pull the level and if the water goes up and down as usual. But suppose you have successfully fixed it again. To finish, leave everything previous under the sink. Wipe everything with a cloth if you feel the need.

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FAQ: how to remove bathroom sink stopper

how to remove bathroom sink stopper

What is a flip-ether bathroom sink stopper?

This type of stopper has a toggle lever at the top and it moves from side to side.

How do I twist the stopper?

If the nut is too tight, loosen the players to hold it in place or use it to loosen it. And twist the stepper until it comes away from the pepper rod.

How do I access the drain stopper?

To access the stopper you have to go under the sink or tub drain.

Where to find a place?

Remove everything under your sink.

What causes slow running drains?

The problem is often caused by an adhesive soap scam or hair that falls on a pivot or stopper rod and clogs the drain.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to remove bathroom sink stopper. Happy Learning!

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