How To Clean Brass Door Handles With 6 Natural Ways

How To Clean Brass Door Handles With 6 Natural Ways

Learn how to clean brass door handles, Knobs, Hinges, and Knockers and other metal components with minimal elbow grease. knobs, and handles will look brand-new in minutes. Door handles are now a part of our daily lives that we never thought of. Read our blog to learn the right way.

As expected, our discovery (new door handles) is becoming a little more complicated than ours. So we still have Art nouveau door handles on most doors. But unfortunately, the door handles that match the original period has been replaced with some cheap ones. But these are fakes, so now we have to look for 13 new ones.

The good news is that the materials used to make the knot in your door, depending on precisely what your home already has the standard cleaning materials. You need to know that the right kind of cleaner will be used to clean the doorknob, whether it can harm them.

Today, our guide will tell you what cleaning elements are needed for your house door knocks and whether these elements are present. However, how do you know which method will work best? I guess you didn’t, and we realized that there are many different ways to clean brass that can confuse you.

So we thought we would try to show them the simplest and most effective strategy! Experiments have shown that in many ways, only family products are used. You can probably use the methods! Let’s start

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How to Clean Brass Door Handles, Knobs & Hinges

Yes, I tried each of these methods below! And if you want on how to clean brass door handles? And thinking about the best of these, but for you, this is our result!

1. Clean with Tomato Ketchup

how to clean brass door handles

You may think this is a method that can’t work. When applying some tomato ketchup honestly on the door handle and squeezing will feel very strange.

However, all you have to do is remove the door plate and then put it on for a while with the ketchup on top. Don’t get impatient as usual, then watch the brass handles change color in 8-10 minutes. I saw after 10 minutes of rubbing (wiping the ketchup), there was a significant change (actually, it became as bright as the new one).

It gets results without any rubbing or scrubbing. Just delete the ketchup!

2. Clean with Yogurt

how to clean brass door handles

This may sound strange if you have heard it for the first time! I read a long time ago how buttermilk, sour milk, and yogurt can work when cleaning brass door handles. I later found out that they all work the same way (because it has something to do with acidity in everything). So let’s see if we can clean our brass with yogurt,

We apply a layer of yogurt to the plate, then give it some time. Then wash all parts with water. At the very end, let the plate rest for 10 minutes before it dries.

Later I could see that this method worked surprisingly well without any scrubbing involved.

3. Clean with Salt, Flour, and Vinegar

how to clean brass door handles

To clean the brass handles in this method, first make a thick paste of approximately equal parts of salt, vinegar, and flour. Moreover, using these foods is the amount of salt, flour, and vinegar.

Now all you have to do is dip a toothbrush in the paste and rub it on the door handle. Then wait about half an hour before cleaning. Then wipe again with a soft dry piece of cloth.

Again you can get a little nervous with this method, as it can easily scratch the brass handles even in the presence of salt. However, it may seem like a sticky mess.

You only need to use an acceptable salt and be careful when scratching the brass handles by rubbing the mixture. Then this mixture must work very well even though it may be a bit smelly!

4. Clean with Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

how to clean brass door handles

This method is similar to the process of cleaning salt, flour, and vinegar you just mentioned. First, use a teaspoon of baking soda and about half a lemon to make a thick paste. Then rub all that on the top of the brass door handle.

And I do; instantly, you’ll see the color change as the dirt on your brass door handles disappears. So it will feel unique to you!

I would not mix it directly with the brass and recommend mixing the paste in a separate bowl. If the lemon juice seems harsh, then you can end up with a bad result. After you finish cleaning your door brass handles, you must wash them under some warm water!

5. Clean the Brass Door Handle with Toothpaste

how to clean brass door handles

Naturally, this will seem like another weird approach to you. However, you have to understand that if the brass is cleaned with yogurt and ketchup cleaner, it is impossible to ensure perfect cleaning with toothpaste.

Like other methods, it can get some toothpaste smell on the brass handle of the door because the paste is thicker than both yogurt and ketchup. It even makes it feel like it might work – but it’s not possible.

I thought it would be the least effective of all the methods. It doesn’t work at all.

6. How to Clean Brass Door Handles with Brush Polish

I probably didn’t bother buying our proper domestic brass cleaning products, and given how well the Bros cleaners did, I probably understood. But that at least for this comparison post, it only made sense to clean the brass handles of professional doors. I checked and saw that the product was working better than other methods.

So make sure you follow the instructions on which cleaner to use. You rub the paste on the brass and then give it a good polish with this cloth.

The cleaner will work well and will make it much brighter than other methods.

Having said that, though, you will need a lot of muscle power to get rid of the dirt from this very contaminated brass. However, I must first suggest cleaning the item in some other way. Then at the very end, I say to polish with brass cleaner.

It’s not an expensive product (so we can keep buying), and we have a ridiculous amount of window and door handles. So it must be used for daily maintenance!

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Which Brass Clearing Method Worked Best?

You have to say that you are surprised by the way you have tried most of the methods. But on the other hand, my favorite process, though, was ketchup! Because there was no work involved except removing the handles.

Cleaner items bought from the store will also work well for polishing. As we mentioned earlier,

That left us with a much more glossy finish than the other cleaners we were able to achieve. Remember that if you have a patented antique, it may not always be.

FAQ: How to Clean Your Door Handles and Knobs

A brief history of Tarnish

The word ‘Tarnish’ comes from the word ‘darkness’ in ancient times. The word’s roots are without English, through the languages ​​on the other side of the long-extinct European and French side known as Proto-Germanic. It is assumed that the origins of both words are very ancient, and it is related to the word dark.

The term ‘Darniz’ is used in deep Central Europe in the tribal past. The long history of the period suggests that it created a scandalous situation, which was known to the people for a long time.

Tarnish is mainly due to the interaction of the metal with the wind. But air contains a lot of contributing airborne chemicals, especially sulfur. So now it has become essential to keep it manageable. Because when it comes to selling your home, it’s critical to keep the whole building tidy with the shiny, bright door furniture.

Why Does Tarnish Happen?

Over time the metallic surface becomes dull, and it settles to lose its glossy damage. Even at that time, it creates a messy look. And people get a little frustrated when they see their door handles.

It usually occurs in aluminum, brass, silver, and copper. The look of their door handles can be stingy, and they want to get back what looks great for once. Metals also occur by reacting with the surrounding air.

How to clean stigmatized metal doors today?

All the people who have homes in this era always want them to look beautiful. But not cleaning for a long time, sometimes they may notice that their metal door handles are getting stained, even giving a somewhat nasty look from time to time since this is creating a big problem for their home.

So how they can deal with the problem is well described above. They may be able to solve it quickly in the right way, moreover, now there is a reason why a person can always make his house look great.


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