How To Clean Brass Door Knobs With 6 Natural Ways

How To Clean Brass Door Knobs With 6 Natural Ways

Learn how to clean brass door knobs, handles and other metal components with minimal elbow grease. knobs, and handles will look brand-new in minutes. Read our blog to learn the right way. Door handles are now a part of our daily lives that we never thought of.

You may be using door handles, knobs, and levers when you get up for lunch, enter the office, go to the gym, or return home. And not just that you but him but many more. When you touch these parts, it becomes an excellent place for bacteria to accumulate. Then you try to bring something into that bacterium.

In this article, we will show how to clean brass door knobs? Along with that, we have provided various ways on how to use the home solution. One by one, we will also provide its steps. Moreover, keeping these surfaces clean protects you and helps protect the longevity of your door hardware and especially doorknobs.

How To Clean Brass Door Knobs and Handles

First, you need to take a screwdriver and then remove the screws on the doorknobs that hold it in place properly. Then pull both sides of the brass doorknob and place the screws outside in a safe place. You can now use our following methods to clean brass doorknobs (must follow step-by-step guide these).

1. Vinegar and Salt

how to clean brass door knobs

You first take vinegar and salt with it. It is either you can soak it in a vinegar solution or a cloth soaked in the mixture. Then, spray the vinegar-soaked doorknob with the right amount of salt. Now clean it well with a soft fabric.

Then let it dry for a while, then clean again with a damp microfiber. Next, use the dried rag to clean it one last time.

2. Use Milk to Clean

Put the same amount (five teaspoons of water and five bowls of milk) of water and milk in a small cooking pot. Then put your dirty doorknobs in there. Now apply light heat there. And there, make sure that the solution sinks the doorknob then again just above.

Decrease the heat supply depending on the air whether the mixture has reached the boiling point. Then take 10 minutes before removing the doorknobs from the pot solution (this will reward them well). Then, finish cleaning with a damp rag. And wash the bottom of your sink running tap when the cleaning activity is over.

3. Clean the Brass Door Knobs with Ammonia

First, take a bowl of a size that you do not do food or any other work. Then fill it with ammonia, estimating precisely the amount it takes. The brass cleaning solution has already covered (confirm) the doorknobs you want to clean. Now, dip the ammonia mixture with the knots. And remember that each part is inside.

After about 30 minutes, take out the bronze handles and pass with a sponge cleaning brush. The dirt is easy to shrink, but you can remove it from the ammonia. But if it is not possible to clean the dust, put the handles (doorknobs) in the ammonia container.

Now is the time to bring them out. So before you bring it out, shake it a little harder for a while like a light cleaning agent like Barkeepers Friend. When you have finished scrubbing them with a soft fine wool ball, then wipe like last time with a smooth napkin. Ammonia is a harmful substance for the skin, so always wear a glove before you touch it.

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How To Clean Brass Door Knobs without Removing them?

If the stains on the doorknobs are minor, the knuckles do not need to be removed for cleaning. And how do you clean it without removing these doorknobs?
Below are a few ways to do this and use them accordingly.

4. Clean with Soap and Water

how to clean brass door knobs

Take a bucket, and fill the whole bucket with water there. Then put a small amount of any mild detergent or dish soap. Now soak the rag in the solution for a while, then drain the water from it. Now, clean with lottery cloth. But if you notice some severe dirt stains on the doorknobs, then scrub with a brush.

And remember that if you wash with a brush, any sharp spots will be easily removed. Once the rag is clean, rinse with soap and water to clean it. Make sure you remove all soap residue in it. Then clean and dry with a piece of pure fabric.

5. Clean Using Vinegar

how to clean brass door knobs

Using vinegar is one of the best ways to clean Bryn’s hardware or doorknobs. With this method to clean the brass doorknobs, sprinkle a small amount of salt on the rag and the handle and wipe well. And this cleaning solution can wash a deep cloth.

When the test is done, remove the excess water moisture, and wash the rag in clean water. Then use it to clean the knobs again, to remove the remnants of lemon juice and vinegar. Use a soft fabric to dry them. Polish them with wool to restore shine.

6. Using Lemon Juice

how to clean brass door knobs

Moisten a rag with lemon juice, then clean the handle with it. Remove the juice residue with a dry cloth. Use a soft dry cloth to remove it again. If you do not want to use lemon juice, you can also use lime juice as an alternative.

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How To Clean Brass Door Knobs and Polish

Restore the shine of your brass door knobs and handles using the brass polish you bought from the store.

Step 1: Wipe with Soap and Water.

To make things easier, you need to take the handle out of the door, or you can do it if you want. Start cleaning the knuckles with a smooth rag with warm tap water. Choose cravings with a toothpick. Take an old brush with soft bristles, then scrub the hidden areas.

Step 2: Clean with an Abrasive Cleaner

It is an alternative product that can be used to clean as well as polish. But for that, you can first wipe off with a mild corrosive solution, then start polishing. Follow cleaner product guidelines during activities and then rinse thoroughly.

Areas with stubborn spots are scrubbed a little more. So wash until you can remove them. Prepare it for washing and drying, and polishing.

Step 3: Polishing

If you do not use a combo product for polishing, follow the instructions in the manual. Use a soft fabric to lighten and polish the doorknob. You have confirmed all parts and holes in the handle during buffing. If your brass is undisturbed, finish with mineral oil for protection.

You can also apply varnish on your swallowed brass if you want. It is best not to polish the handle to prevent corrosion. And remember, it doesn’t matter what kind of polish it is, so dry it well before buffing.

The final word: How to clean brass door knobs?

If your doorknobs are made of brass, I think it would be most accessible and practical to clean brass with vinegar. And in this way, you can save yourself the cash or pressure of consistently hitting the store for a brass cleaning solution.

See in this article, How to clean brass door knobs without removing then. Even the ingredients of all the solutions were using homemade mixes. Just make sure you wear gloves when cleaning; you follow our instructions above wholly.

However, you may find it difficult. So now, if you don’t want to clean the brass doorknobs, you can call an expert.

If you follow these cleaning tips,
you will have cleaned your door knobs in just 15 minutes! Impressive, right?

Crystal, Glass, or Similar Material Cleaning Solution

Its solutions for the most general-purpose cleaning will clean enough for clean plastics, crystals, glass, knobs, and handles. But, you have to be careful always. Because there are solvents on the market that can damage your hardware, be careful not to overdo it.

Just spray on a surface with the solution and soak for a minute or two. Then polish vigorously with a dry clean cloth. Apply multiple applications to clean them depending on the grim and its depth.

Last Tips on How To Clean Brass Door Knobs

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Put on Gloves

If you wear plastic gloves to clean any brass door handles so that they do not push. It will stain more quickly when you touch the brass with your bare hands, and you can rub dirt on one part. So, you must use a glove to protect the skin from harsh solutions.

After Cleaning, Coat with Oil.

Once you are clean, you need to take precautionary measures against tinctures coated with oil on the doorknobs. You take a clean cloth or a paper towel. And use olive, lemon, or linseed oil as oil, as it can deepen. Then, rub it over the surface of the brass handles and doorknobs.

Call an Expert

If you do not have this time, you will need to spend some cash. Or do it yourself or call a professional. And that way, your Brass Doorknobs will get a touch of Pro. And it’s definitely a better way than a DIY job.


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