How To Clean Epoxy Floor | An Easy Maintenance Guide

How To Clean Epoxy Floor | An Easy Maintenance Guide

In fact, many people find it difficult to maintain the epoxy floor in their garage. But in fact it is very easy to take care of epoxy floor for their garage and most people like them for this. There are a few guidelines to keep your epoxy floor clean and you must follow them. You can keep your epoxy floor in great shape by performing general maintenance, removing stains as needed, and doing a thorough cleaning every few months.

How To Clean Epoxy Floor With Six Easy Steps

Provide minimal maintenance if you want to keep the epoxy flooring in top shape. Even if you want to maintain them less then you just have to follow the common sense in taking care of them and thus be able to maintain it. However, in this blog, we have listed the best practices for caring for and cleaning your epoxy floor.

First Step: Keep the surface smooth and dirty

Especially if you are driving equipment outside on the floor of your vehicle. And there will be dirt accumulating and later they will scratch or embed an epoxy floor in the joke if allowed to stay there. This would be a good idea if you regularly remove all dirt or sand. This is because even though these epoxy surfaces are hard, they can begin to be damaged by multiple scratches over time. And the best way to do this would be if you use a blank with a soft brush attachment. How much dirt on the floor depends on how many times you will be tracked emptiness and tweaks. A little extra care should be taken when it comes time to remove heavy machinery across the floor to ensure the surface is smooth or dust-free.

Second Step: Avoid using soap-based cleaners

Avoid using soap-based cleaners

Soap-based floor cleaners also wash epoxy floors over time. These epoxy floors, however, do not require warm water or soap, but a good deck-scrubbing brush or MOP will work just fine. If you need extra scrubbing, use something like a mild soap as it will help spread stronger.

Third Step: The spot is clear

Often you just need to sweep or vacuum a small area of ​​the floor where something can be spread or tracked. Moreover empty the liquid that has been spilled on any grooves or vacuum shop with a vacuum cleaner.

Then clean the area with a MOP and warm water. Epoxy floors are very easy to clean if you spread high water resistant liquid (you can follow the procedure if you want).

Four Step: Heavily soiled epoxy floors

how to clean epoxy floor

The best way to clean a dirty epoxy floor is as follows: First sweep the whole area carefully and vacuum. Then arrange to remove all items on the floor. Once you have removed all surface dirt, grit and grime, use warm water and a hard foam MOP to get rid of all the built-up dirt next time. Next, you use a clean ammonia / water mixture (use 2-3 ounces of ammonia per gallon of hot water) for the second mopping.

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5th Step: Stains

Scrub the kitchen lightly with warm water and a soft deck brush to remove some rusty stains. Do not use harsh chemicals such as comets and steel wool, as these are very harmful to them. However, then use a pad or brush to scrub a medium abrasive. And remember not to use any acidic or citrus cleaning compounds in them. This vinegar or citrus cleaner will break the epoxy catalyst and so I tell you to avoid these too.

Last Step: Oil, car chemicals and other chemicals

Properly dispose of oil, antifreeze and other car related chemicals with a paper towel or store towel. The important thing about spreading them in the car is not to let them sit on the floor for too long. Moreover, engine oil contains chemicals that can create a dangerous environment on the epoxy floor. Allowing the sprayed gases to sit for too long will damage the epoxy floor so always try to clean the sprayed gas immediately. As well as household, paint cleaners and other abrasive liquids should be cleaned immediately. Another thing to keep in mind is to wipe them with a store towel as soon as the spill is done to clean.

If you follow these cleaning tips,
you will have cleaned your Epoxy Floor in just 15 minutes! Impressive, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to clean epoxy floor?

how to clean epoxy floor

Can I repair scratch marks on my epoxy floor?

Of course if you can try, first take a furniture polish and soft cloth to clean. Then continue rubbing the marks over the scratches using a circular motion until the scratch fades and is not noticed.

Is epoxy floor washing reasonable?

No epoxy floor maintenance is required if the new epoxy floor is properly installed. To do this you must first wipe the floor with a damp towel or cloth.

If corrosive chemicals are used on the floor, they can damage it. However, if you find that your epoxy floor is very dirty, mix some dishwashing liquid with hot water. Then lightly scrub the floor with them and when the work is done wash it thoroughly with garden hose.

So, if you want to wash your epoxy floor. In that case make sure that the nozzle is not too close to the floor.

Are epoxy coatings normal without chips or peels?

If you can’t prepare and install it properly, an epoxy floor coating chip will start to peel off. As such we offer 2 years warranty for commercial use, lifetime warranty for residential use and proper installation and preparation. However, our high-quality industrial-level epoxy floors never peel off or chip.

Can I use bleach on epoxy floors?

No, bleach or pure ammonia is considered a harmful cleaner for your epoxy floor coatings. But blessed is your epoxy floors that no high-strength cleaning is required to clean them properly. Just use our recommended epoxy floor cleaner as shown earlier (3 to 3 ounces of ammonia mixed in 1 gallon of hot water). This allows you to get a stainless epoxy floor coating.

How do you fix a scratched epoxy floor?

Apply a small amount of furniture polish to the center of the lint-free cloth (no larger than a quarter the size) then gently rub your scratched epoxy floor covering with pressure. And remember to rub in a circular motion. Don’t buy it will help distribute furniture polish evenly across scratches in epoxy. And finally continue to do this until the scratches are mixed with the rest of your epoxy coating.

Can you stress – epoxy floor wash?

There is no need for pressure washing. However you can use a pressure washer to put pressure under the extremely dirty epoxy floor. Moreover you can use only Simple Green or dishwashing liquid if you want and a hose on the floor with its mixture. Maintaining the beauty of the epoxy floor is also very common and effortless. If you have to go to the other side, your epoxy floor simply has not been properly installed and prepared.

Can you steam clean epoxy floors?

Yes, they have steam cleaning properties that are capable of removing stains as hard as grease. So cleaning the hard epoxy floor is a very desirable method for people. On the other hand their cover is highly elastic or durable, and they are easy to maintain in bright rain and sun. You can even throw a wrench at it without compromising the texture of their surface. Moreover, despite these, you may still want to keep it clean, don’t you?

Can you wax the epoxy floor?

If these epoxy coated floors lose their gloss when worn on their church days, you must apply a few wax coatings. Remember, if there is more traffic in the area, you have to apply more wax coating. Otherwise, if you see that they have not lost their luster, then there is no need for any kind of wax in the gloss finish.

Trust the professionals

how to clean epoxy floor

If you have a stubborn spot, bringing in a professional crew would be a wise decision. Moreover you will need a large area to get rid of or clean these cloudy spots. Professionals may need to polish your floors to make them shine efficiently and quickly, and so that when they are brand new they get back the same shiny look as them.

Maintaining your epoxy floor with resources is very easy and effective. If you are hesitant to clean or maintain your epoxy floor, you can call Nashville Epoxy Floor Professionals – Artistic Polymers. According to us they have the necessary chemicals tools to successfully maintain your floor in epoxy garage floor, and can help you with more other methods.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to clean epoxy floor. Happy Cleaning!

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