Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom (Update 2021)

Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom (Update 2021)

It may seem obvious to people about dogs: dogs like to be around us so they want to join you in the bathroom too! However, this is not an easy task. Because here are some scientific explanations for why do dogs follow you to the bathroom. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the reasons why your dog is following you in the bathroom and anywhere else.

Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom

There are many points that are responsible for these factors, and the main ones are listed below,


why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

If your dog starts to be with your family as a child, they can be especially accustomed to being with you all the time. In an interview with PetMD, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Mary Birch explained that “puppies can impress people in the first few months of their lives.” Recognizes.

Now if you see your puppy trying to impress you, no wonder they will always want to be around!

You can adopt a senior dog, at any age or adolescence, and as long as your dog sees you as the most reliable personality in their life, they can even follow you around. Dogs tend to be intimate with their loved ones in a way that is socialized so that later you can see that one of their loved ones can go to the toilet.


why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

Dogs have historically traveled and lived together in close-knit groups of animals packed by nature. The funny thing is that in reality the dogs of the world still do it. Even though pet dogs are no longer driven into packs, they are still hard to find comfort in others. Also, dogs have become more closely related to humans during centuries of observance. Having your dogs close to you and roommates means food, protection, and happiness.

On the other hand, being isolated from you can mean trouble or anxiety. For some dogs you pack them now – and, that means not paying anything, not even letting the kids’ bathroom door come to you.

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Reproductive traits

Have you ever heard of a border collie referred to as a velcro dog? Moreover, some species are innately more inclined to follow humans than others. You may know that herding breeds like shepherds, border collies, and cattle dogs want to keep the whole family around. Loyal working dogs like Boxers and Doberman Pincers can keep an eye on danger. Again some athlete breeds such as Labrador pointers and restorers can simply enjoy being around their loved ones.

The dogs have no official “bathroom group“. But there is a saying that there are some cases who are more inclined to join people in porcelain bus palaces than others.


why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

Dogs tend to be naturally enthusiastic animals. But when you get up to go from one place to another, they can also retreat. And all these incidents surprise people. However, you either want to recover a treat for them, or you may have moved on to a fun activity and they hate to avoid it.

She instills her natural curiosity when your dog is following you to the bathroom. They want to see what you are doing there and why that funny chair is making so much noise while you are doing this job!


What do you do when your dog follows you to the bathroom? Do you appreciate them and pet them, or redirect them to another room outside the door? Either way, you pay attention to them, because this attention will make the behavior stronger.

If you have no objection to keeping your dog at home while taking care of the business, it will not be a big deal. However, now on the upside if you like some privacy, in this case, you can train your dog to do something else.

You will need to reprimand others; But here are a few things you won’t need to do. That means you can only be rewarded for different behavior. For example, when spending time in the bathroom as a training opportunity, practice keeping your dog under them outside the door. Appreciate them when you come out of the bathroom and give them food if needed. And so they can break the habit of watching you sit on the throne as time goes on and you strengthen different behaviors.


It’s normal for your dog to want to be around you most of the time and it’s not perfectly healthy. After all, you’re tied to each other, that’s one of the best parts of a dog! If you engage in destructive behavior while you are away and your dog cries nonstop, they may show signs of isolation anxiety. In that case, a quick solution can be found only when you are admitted to the bathroom with you but it will not happen to any of you in the long run. You should talk to a veterinarian about ways to prevent isolation anxiety.

You will need to completely redirect your dog to another room after using your facilities until they leave a mark of concern. Now let’s get to the point, that if you don’t mind being an audience, letting your dog follow you in the bathroom won’t be a matter of harm. After all, you see them as ducks all the time!

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FAQ: Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom?

why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

Is your dog kicking your lawn? The reason is here.

If your dog is seen following you in the bathroom, it is because of their animal instincts and pack mentality. And this is because of the desire to be attached to your side that the canines do this and later refer to them as “velcro dogs”. They may even follow you to the bathroom near you to protect some parts of your pack. They love you and that’s the main reason. You may occasionally notice that when you are at home but they do not see you they will feel weak.

However, can you ever go to the bathroom single again?

Yes, you can if you try, like you can try to give your dog something to keep him captive while you are there to keep him from following you in the bathroom. Such as any of their favorite foods.

Even if you want you will try puzzle toys like Kong Blue, which you may need to focus on your dog to treat your dog healthy and work some time to release.

Last Thought: Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom?

why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

Once your habit shots the dog is ready for his weird habit to follow you everywhere, including his bathroom. This is the nature of it and you can’t do anything about it later (even if you want to). If you find it very annoying to see those features, you need to train your dog to stay away from this room. However, this small separation never definitely makes it happy. It is better to be with you but to be with you. My grandfather’s house used to have a lot of dogs, and the funny thing is that they worked as guards at my grandfather’s house and I even noticed it with my own eyes.

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