These stunners are soon to be your favorite plus sized models

These stunners are soon to be your favorite plus sized models

For a long time, whenever Ashley Graham’s name came to mind, the only thing that came to mind was a famous plus-size model. Diversity has become a growing focus in the fashion industry as a result of this discovery. And with that more plus-size models are becoming family names.

From Kate Wesley and Australian Robin Lowley to the unpleasant Tess Holiday. In fact, these women of e time are not just millions of fans on social media. Instead, it is being featured on runways, red carpets and magazine covers.

This may come as a surprise to you if I were to give you a definition of a plus-size model now. The question that may come to your mind is how is this possible again? The answer was possible. In fact in the fashion industry, plus-size models are defined as those whose size is 8 and above. That is, there is no such thing for those whose size is less than 8. Because in the current real world the average size of an Australian woman is a size 14-16 (this is the data taken by ABS in 2016).

On the other hand can you imagine more about the plus size male model? They actually exist – and are often seen on websites like ASOS and Boohoo. At the same time, the men’s fashion industry still has a long way to go to redefine the value of the industry.

Below are the top 9 most popular plus-size models in the world.

Kate Wesley

Aussie model Kate Wassley became known on social media as half of the Instagram duo @ any.body_co. He even uploaded photos of himself on social media to promote body positivity in any form with his friend Georgia Gibbs. As a result, Kate now has the opportunity to shoot internationally for Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

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Georgia Pratt

New Zealand-born model Georgia and her Pratt are often referred to as Kiwi Underwear Labels. And was shot for his loneliness and the funny thing is that he gained worldwide fame for using models of every size and age and their unchanged images.


Her name was actress Barbara ‘Barbie’ Ferreira and at the age of 24 she gained fame as an American model. Then she started modeling for the first time after sending a picture of herself in American costume. Become one of the biggest body-diversity advocates ever since. And the shocking news is that she has cemented herself firmly in the fashion world with Selena Gomez’s best friend Petra Collins’ muse.

Robin Lolly

As a plus-size model, she is 31-year-old, meaning Robin Lowley is Australia’s most famous. However, when she first appeared in a campaign for Ralph Lauren, she had the opportunity to shoot for some of the world’s largest fashion magazines. Then she was doing well and in 2013, she wrote an article calling for the ‘thigh gap’ trend to be unhealthy and unnecessary (received many rewards for it).

They lean

American model Tara Lin often introduces herself in public after wearing underwear and swimsuits. And she wore swimsuits for all the campaign shootings. And at one time her name became famous all over the world as a model of this dress. However, her 38-year-old mother also got the cover of an international fashion magazine. They even get the chance to act in brand promotions like H&M.

Paloma Elsacear

Can’t believe you’ll be getting acquainted with model Paloma Elsevar soon ???? But let us mark our words. Because if you’re not already familiar with London-born model Paloma Elsesser, you will soon be. Because the 28-year-old has gained a reputation since appearing on glacier billboards and on the cover of US Vogue and as the face of fantasy beauty. Therefore, it is expected that his fame will spread after this.

Candice Huffin

Candice Huffin is a former teen beauty queen. In fact, she signed her first commercial modeling contract in 2000 and now has a reputation for leading high fashion campaigns worldwide. Because at the time he was an Instagram sensible, a physical-positivity advocate and had his own Athalizer label, Day / Own.

Precious Lee

Lee gained a reputation as the first African American plus size model on the US Consumption page. She then became a trailblazer in the Precious Lee modeling world. However, after being in the industry for almost a decade. Now he’s a strong Atlanta native star, even Moscino Versace, and walks the runway like Savage X Fanti (is it interesting). Surprising information is that he has appeared in the campaign of Kholo Kardashian’s good American and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS. .

Iscara Lawrence

British model Iscara Lawrence uses her platform to promote body positivity (and she’s been famous for a while. In fact, what they do is to remind her followers that what they do on social media is completely unfounded.

He is known to run a YouTube channel, everyBODYwithIskra, and he used to post all his workout videos. He once encouraged his fans to love their skin He goes on to say in some more videos that he posted on his Instagram account that “for me, social media is the most harmful place where pictures are made to show ‘real and authentic’ but in reality 100 pictures were taken and then they were festooned or Photoshop.” Was done, “


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