Separate beds and even bedrooms might be the key?

Separate beds and even bedrooms might be the key?

If you think that separate bed is a sign of marital discord. But you misunderstand that this can be the key to good health and a happy relationship. The researchers therefore suggested a survey, which showed that one in six couples could not stand with each other. Its value was that they resorted to sleep desperately for a decent night’s sleep and ensured them a comfortable disappearance.

In fact, this should not always be the case. Because if one of the couple has a habit of knocking, then gumano cost for his partner becomes possible. Sometimes his partner can’t even hide. If they accept this situation and want to spend the night, then the couple may emotionally call it ‘sleep divorce’. Perhaps surprisingly, the report was conducted by a mattress company and its freshmen agreed with the findings of the expert.

However, they said that breaking up during sleep should also be encouraged. He further said that Dr. Neil Stanley, who has been conducting sleep research for 35 years, has found that only in a separate bed. They are sleeping in a different room, almost from his partner for a long time. Dr. Stanley also claims that he is the world’s leading advocate for separate beds.

However, around 2005 he co-authored a survey and there
The couple wore a sleeping device that wakes them up and monitors their speed:

And the results show that when one partner causes a stir, the other does the same. However, ‘Actually, one-third of your sleep disturbances are due to your partner. Disappearance is a very important thing for human beings and the impact of this problem on human health and the health of their relationship can be huge.

For this, a previous study conducted by a German medical university in Paracelsus (2016) on this world. And there he sees that sleep problems and relationship problems happen at the same time.

Research also suggests that divorce rates are higher among those who sleep poorly. Not only that, when a person sleeps poorly, they lack empathy and they become more argumentative when they are walking together during the day. A 2015 study in Sleep Journal found that just one bad night’s sleep can quadruple your chances of catching a cold. I also felt that I was quite awake that night and lost myself badly. Then in the morning I feel very cold.

There are many other problems besides this for bad sleep. As such it reduces your performance, increases the risk of accidents, affects relationships, and is associated with long-term weight gain, type 2 diabetes and depression. And that’s what Dr. Stanley said.

Now you may be wondering if there is a reason behind this? But the answer is yes. Let me describe, every cell in the body has its own ‘clock’. And it hits every cell with a chronic disruption to this rhythm through lack of sleep. This can lead to decreased performance, increased risk of accidents, affecting relationships, and long-term weight gain, associated with type 2 diabetes and depression.

Dr. Stanley emphasizes that sleep is important, and that there is no reason to compromise on an unscientific social structure of sleeping together.

Will a separate room for closing your eyes have a negative effect on your sex life?

Apparently not. In fact, it may improve, as sleeping separately means sex becomes more intentional. Let’s think a little deeper that if two people are together here, they are more or less excited to meet their needs more or less. As a result, they want to meet the demand for a little without losing. As a result, they let the night pass without a hitch.

On the other hand, Dr. Stanley has said that the only reason you have sex with your partner in bed before you go to bed is because it is the only time you are alone. Although this is not the best time to have sex emotionally or physically. Because it is always harmful for the body to meet it.

There was a book published early last year and its story was based on that topic. And it was written by: Professor Hillary Hinds, a researcher at Lancaster University. He clearly explained here that until the 1950s, sharing a bed was not considered desirable at all. That is to say, a separate bedroom was a long-lasting choice of the aristocracy.

At the end of the Middle Victorian era, classes began in the twin beds, primarily for health reasons. Similarly the main theory of disease transmission at that time was that the disease would spontaneously arise in the foul air. So there should be a concern that if you let your coworker out of breath you are putting yourself at risk. ‘ ‘

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Although no one could explain this idea more accurately than how the germs were transmitted, it was later rejected. The twin beds, on the other hand, did not disappear at the same time, Professor Hinds added. And moving away from snoring or your coworker sleeping becomes less of an issue than a fresh breath.

You see a new emphasis on reunion in marriage and moving away from paired beds for sleeping couples. But you can find twin beds through their deaths in the post-war period

You may think that now, after our 20th century flirtation with the double bed, we are going back to the preferences of the upper class. As a result, there is a growing trend to build houses with two master bedrooms.



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