How To Remove Tile From Concrete Floor | 2021 DIY Guide

How To Remove Tile From Concrete Floor | 2021 DIY Guide

There is no easy way on how to remove tile from concrete floor. Unlike wooden tiles or cement boards, no subfloor or underlayment can be discarded. How to remove tiles from concrete Tiles need to be glued. So how to remove the tile is just a matter of hard work and time. If you want to remove the tiles in a small bathroom, it will take at least half a day. However, I will discuss these in detail, and I consider this post a success only if I can save your time.

How To Remove Tile From Concrete Floor

The items you will need to tackle your tile project:

Perfectly other items you need:

  • Knee pads are important.
  • Protective goggles to protect you from a tiny tuck directly into your cornea.
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Closed-toed shoes thought I thought flip flops were great shortcuts at one point. Bad idea.
  • Long pants
  • A good pair of heavy-duty gloves
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Old sheets
  • Dust masks


  • A pulsing hammer-drill with a tile chisel bit
  • Sledgehammers
  • Floor scraper
  • A flat-headed jerk AKA square nose shawl
  • A shop is empty
  • Heavy-duty demo bag

Removal process: How to remove tile from concrete floor?

how to remove tile from concrete floor

Step 1: First, we say you call with a sheet to take care of your home and keep everything neatly arranged.

I was excited. When there were dishes in the sink, and I didn’t remove the books from the shelves. Folks, though I’ve never gotten dusty before. It wasn’t that intense. So you can never be sure that your home will ever get sick since each of us has dust in his house. So the only crane and trick is to suck our air conditioner through our return air vent and spread it in every room of the house. However, it has now covered the tops of my bedrooms covered in thick white dust.

Step 2: Now it’s time to hit the tile Use a sledgehammer at a light angle to make this hit.

Once you find it, you will speed up the process; otherwise, you find the sweet spot through experimentation. This experience of my three-year-old thought it could be the coolest thing in the world.

I learned that three-pound sled hammers are best for my strength. This can be different for you, meaning you can use a hammer that weighs as much as you want. Although it does not work very well, a simple hammer will work in some cases.

Tip: I had to learn many lessons when it was the first night of tile removal. I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and cut-off Capri-length sweat and flip-flops. Yes, I am prudent. Within five minutes, I realized how sharp the tile had become. Then I stopped wearing shoes then; five minutes later, I had five bloody nicks on my feet.

So I stopped wearing pants to give again. You get the drill, but I promise you to need to cover yourself. I would occasionally walk away slowly. The tile is as sharp as a razor blade either I didn’t know before, and now I know, and knowledge is after that half battle.

Tip: Then I realized that in the last 5 minutes of tile removal, the hammer drill did a great job of removing the tile as well.

Step 3: Now, remove the tile from the edge of the room.

Since it is impossible to hit the tiles along the walls and near the cabinets with a sledgehammer, you will need another technique for these areas. Moreover, our team’s people have seen that the hammer drill worked better than any other tool. The hammer drill worked better, although we tried to use an angle grinder.

Tip: When you remove the baseboards, the tile will come out much faster with the baseboards.

Step 4: Now, you need to use a flat-head shovel to clean your broken tiles.

how to remove tile from concrete floor

Moreover, they only work great to remove dirt. We’ve used construction bags for this or our rolling garbage cans.

Tip: You must be very careful in this episode. Because I cut my finger a few times during this process, I still wore gloves, though, and cut my finger to cut the tile into pieces through the leather.

Grout with a broom or dustpan to sweep all the tiles, but don’t spend too much time sweeping. Because it will only be a waste of time, moreover, the amount of this dust will increase to one million, so start removing the thin-set as soon as you can. READ MORE About How To Paint Tile Floor | The Beginner Guide

Step 5: Use your chisel/hammer drill to cut the thin-set.

Only when you remove the tile will your real work begin. Listen, you can do it, even though it was the part I wasn’t 100% ready for. Once you have the right tools, it goes away pretty quickly. On the other hand, it’s not that bad either.

Tip: You must wear a mask for your protection. Because only this can protect your lungs from the dust, I forgot a few times, so I had to read Jamila a few times (due to shortness of breath).

To give the new floor, you need to scrape it to smooth it out, and it will then have to look at the thin-set.

To do this, use your hammer drill with tile sugar (it is set to pour).

On the other hand, we needed two passes in almost every part to close this thin-set. I’m not sure if all the thin sets were the same, but we had the toughest and thickest.

Step 6: To remove any thin-set along the floor, pass one end with its hammer drill.

how to remove tile from concrete floor

Step 7: Smooth the floor with a floor scraper.

Although it has been observed that after several passes, including the hammer drill, the concrete has some thin sets, you have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Then you can say that you have done the hardest part of the whole process by scraping.

Note: If You Want To Learn More About How To Clean An Old Tile Floor?, Read Here

Consider the option of removing the tile from the concrete floor.

Removing Tiles Consideration

It is unnecessary to remove the tile from the concrete subfloor, as many homeowners do not realize. You may only use the old tile as a subfloor depending on the type of floor you want to install and the new material you want to install. This strategy will make the new floor slightly higher than the surrounding floors, so you need to be aware of this.

You can use other materials and different floor strips to smooth these rough edges in the middle of different floor surfaces. You should know what effect this technique will have on your wood trimming and pay attention to the different flooring heights. Remove the trim before laying the new floor on top of the tile.

You may already know ​​how to remove tiles from the concrete floor, and you can better determine if it is a suitable project for you. Remember that professionals will be more capable of removing tiles for you than you are.

But the technique that you can use for your tile removal project works according to our guide. You can now confidently search for beautiful new flooring to install in your home without considering any removal strategies otherwise.

Conclusion: How to remove tile from concrete floor?

how to remove tile from concrete floor

As you can see, removing tiles from concrete is not something that you usually need to rent without tiling every floor of your house, and you will not have to spend any money. Keep safety in mind when you go to work with a hammer. If you find yourself going to work in a medium to large size room, make sure you set aside at least one full day for your project.

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to remove tile from concrete floor. Happy Cleaning!

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