How To Paint Tile Floor | The Beginner Guide 2021

How To Paint Tile Floor | The Beginner Guide 2021

The clay tiles on the floor were hand-painted, filled with medieval slip and glazed before its early use. These tiles were expensive at the time, so they were often used only in the homes of the powerful and wealthy, even in churches or institutional buildings. However, how to paint tile floor- this post gives all the details of that work! Paintbrushes and small rollers are used to apply the paint!

How To Paint Tile Floor With 7 Easy Steps


how to paint tile floor

The primer helps to mold its surface by sanding the tiles to comply. And I keep talking nonsense on the surface of all these tiles. Note that ceramic tiles may contain lead, so consider consulting a professional or check for it if you are unsure about your tile. Always use a suitable mask or respirator and protective goggles to prevent you from breathing in shower dust. Try to keep the dust trapped so that it does not go to other areas of the house.

I have used this electric sander, and it helps to make the work much easier and much faster than doing it by hand. If you haven’t already got an electric sander in it and you do a lot of projects around the house, and I highly recommend it – it will fit in the palm of your hand as it is light and has an angled head to enter the corner quickly:

I love the handheld, Sander. How to prepare a ceramic tile floor for painting to make it work perfectly?

From my own experience, I sanded the tiles where the build-up of the crude was 60 grit on them, with a fine 240 grit once finished with a quick over before the entire floor was done with 120 spirits.


how to paint tile floor

After finishing sanding, you will now need to clear all dust and debris. Then you can do the job using any heavy-duty stepper and cleaner. However, I used what is available online – you can use it from there (online)}, but it will be much cheaper than your local hardware store.

Ceramic tile floors are essential to ensure cleanliness before painting. And why should anyone use a great cleaning product! Let’s see how I did it,

 First, I mixed my cleaner with water as per the instructions. And let them spread it on the floor and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then I scrubbed the whole floor with a nylon scrub brush. Then I use a bucket of hot water to finish the bar, and any paint on the clean floor will adhere better!


There will be several areas on our floor where parts of it were missing, and its grout was a noise. Now you may have to spend a lot of time digging the old grout first. However, registering now would be a great job. From my own experience, I went the easy route and just used a paintable vine to smooth and fill any empty spots in my grout. The camouflage adapted well, and now it was painted.

However, you will never know that I did it. But now, it will be time to repair or replace any cracked tiles. I noticed that one day I had a tile near the bathtub with a crack. But I still knew it would be a problem with the anger in our bathroom. And so instead, I sanded the rough edge down a bit, and I just trimmed the cracked part.


Using a good primer in a ceramic tile will be the key to success for painting! I used INSL-X sticks (available {here}). It is a primer for painting surfaces. But these again become very difficult to adhere to in paints usually (you might think I used it on prime brass shelving strips in the interior). I used a small roller and a paintbrush simultaneously (I use these, like a 1/4 inch mini roller). However, I drew the grout lines and edges with my brush and then rolled in the primer for the rest (you have to do so). So first, make sure that you start at the end of the room, then work towards the door (this way, you don’t draw yourself into any corner). When the paints are dry, then you need to do the same again using this same technique.


how to paint tile floor

I painted our floor tile the same way, using a paintbrush on the grout and edges. Then roll again as the rest of it (like primer, I used a 1/4 inch mini roller {these):

The kind of paint I used was patio paint and Benjamin Moore’s floor. Since it stands up against a lot of abuse and use, it comes in low sheen and high shen options – I didn’t just choose high shen as a personal choice. Because I applied three paints with a high gloss and saw that they dried in the coat according to the paint instructions. And the color I used is Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray, and it turns gray like the lightest part of my stencil walls.

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If you choose the above techniques, the last step will be to seal your tile. However, I must have wondered if I should sell my tiles. However, with veranda paint, you don’t technically need to fill it. Although it must be sealed with polyurethane, it will make the painted tile more durable since it is made to withstand a lot of wear.

The only downside to using polyurethane is that if you get any such gas in any of your other areas and if the floor needs to be repaired, it would be tricky to blend it anyway if you are topped with it polyurethane. So, my feet are going topless (and holding up really well after several months of use), but you should use a top coat of polyurethane if your floors get a lot of tears and wear (something I would like to think about).


After your polyurethane or paint finish coat, you must give your floor at least a few days to dry completely before moving. The longer it takes for someone, the moister it will be. However, it is better to be gentle with it (no heel shoes, etc.) for the first week or two until everything is completely healed.

My only problem with this is the small but deep scratch on one of the tiles, made by something sharp. And later, I was guessing about e a small stone that gets stuck in someone’s shoe trade. I was only able to repaint that one tile and sand it. And now you will never know that it was once there. So overall, I was thrilled with how it was worn and what it looked like. Especially for a project that can cost you under 50!

Tile Paint Pros and Cons: How to paint tile floor?

how to paint tile floor

Painting on tiles has its disadvantages and advantages. So we should have an idea about these in advance. So these principles will help you decide if DIY tile painting is the right solution for you.


  • You can customize your bathroom tiles just the way you want them.
  • You can change old or ugly tiles to look new.
  • The painted tile can withstand regular wear and be durable. And it’s torn like store-bought tiles, though.
  • Completely renovating your bathroom requires less time than money.


  • It is quite an enterprise; You have to do everything from preparation, designing, work, and original painting.
  • Drying work can take up to a week to complete after applying bathroom tile painting.
  • If done incorrectly, your painted tile may peel off or chip off.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How to paint tile floor

how to paint tile floor

Where can you paint?

You can update anywhere you want! But it’s usually the perfect long-term solution for kitchen, entrance, laundry room, bathroom floor, mudroom – even dated tiles in high traffic areas! It is not designed for use on or inside shower countertops. Again, keep in mind that it should not be used on the kitchen counter since it is not food-safe.

Should I paint grout lines?

As you can see, we decided to draw for a uniform finish, and we are easily above the graph line. But if you prefer to hold them, you may have to tap. The color that we have honestly chosen looks quite like the standard grout color.

What colors are available?

There are 18 color choices listed from the many shades of seafoam with this rust-oleum gray color. Update: They now have 30 colors!

How can I use my floor after painting it?

It is ready for 22 hours of foot traffic after 8-11 days with a top coat, including complete treatment time.

After that, how is it covered with the home interior floor covering system, and can my floor be cleaned?

You can clean the floor thoroughly after seven days by using mild water and soap. However, never use any harmful cleaners. To avoid this, we use cleaners like Pin-Sol all the time.

Can I use this product with a stencil?

If the first color of the base coat is applied and then the second color base coat should be used for stencils (we also use it

Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out how to paint tile floor. Happy Cleaning!

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