How to earn with amazon

How to earn with amazon

One of the best ways to make money online today is to make money through Amazon, whether it’s the only source of income or the only source of income after the Kovid-19 epidemic. That’s because by 2020, Amazon’s top e-commerce retailer in the United States has a net sales of about 6 386 billion. Even so, owning one is still a golden opportunity for those who want to become an ecommerce seller if they want to make money from Amazon. However, this post highlights how to make money by selling and not even selling from Amazon:


Sign up for the Amazon FBA


Once you have been registered with Amazon FBA, it is Amazon’s responsibility to warehousing (storage, picking, packing), shipping, return, or return your product. However, to start selling with FBA you must find a product (e.g., from Alibaba) then improve it. And lastly, you need to label it with your personal brand.


In this case you need to sign up for Amazon Seller Central and submit your product information. You will then need to ship your products to Amazon and take care of their perfection center delivery. Since customers will buy your product from Amazon, delivery must be made to Amazon. An interesting thing is that many people think that if you actually sell something from Amazon, you have to fall from there and deliver yourself. He didn’t even want to start thinking about it.


Leverage retail arbitrage


If you are new to this category. In that case, the best way to start earning money from Amazon is to use retail arbitration. As heavy as your Edge name may sound, it’s a simple process where you can buy stock from a local retailer (look for discount products) and sell it on Amazon with your mark-up for a profit.


Use online arbitrage


In the case of retail arbitration, for example, you can buy cheap inventory from a site like eBay or from an online store, and you can make a profit by listing it on Amazon.


Publish books using Kindle


Many people like to write. The good news for them is that they can start their book publishing dream using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing service. KDP is a great way to publish and sell digital books in 24 to 48 hours. Even now it is available on Kindle worldwide. In return, however, you will have the freedom to set your price, change the content on the sale and earn royalties up to 70 percent and much more.


Sell ​​handicraft products


If you are interested in handicrafts then you can join the list of Amazon handmade sellers from more than 80 countries. Because of the high demand for these products, it has become a great platform to sell your handmade products at a good margin.


Sell ​​through affiliate marketing


Selling through affiliate marketing is by far one of the proven and most popular methods. To start promoting other people’s products you just need to sign up with Amazon Associates and use the affiliate links they provide.


However, you must have a blog or a website where you must create a sales copy for that product. Let’s give you an example, in fact here if you sign up for a mobile phone promotion you can create a product review content with a link (affiliate link) that product. Similarly you may be able to earn anywhere between 3 to 5 percent of the conversion rate


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Work from home as an Amazon customer service representative


With around 640,000 employees worldwide, Amazon has already become the next largest employer However, this might be the right time to join this growing Amazon customer service team and work from home. So start doing this without wasting your time. Moreover, if you take a look, you will find that the customer service team is spread across 130 locations around the world and supports 16 languages.


Sell ​​using merchandise by Amazon


If you are good at designing a T-shirt and a coffee mug, there are many ideas but lack of resources, meaning you can make money using these skills. Because to do this, parents can capitalize on Amazon’s products All you have to do is create a design here and then upload that design. This is how you work by choosing a color and product type. Then one day your product page will be created. It’s as simple as that, just sit back and relax and when sales start coming Amazon will take over the production, shipping and customer service and you can just start making money.


Amazon Influencer


If you already have enough social following, becoming an Amazon influencer may enable you to earn some good money through commissions earned through product promotion on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page and even through your YouTube channel.


However, you can take surveys and write reviews if you want. Then you can create webinars, participate in forums, create personal brands by selling used products or professional services or start earning dollars as a drop shipper. However amazon has something for everyone that can make money sitting at home. So, when you shop for your favorite product from Amazon, it is wise not to miss the boat to make some good money from Amazon.


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