How to earn money with social media

How to earn money with social media

You can imagine that you need a huge audience to start earning money from your social media audience. But you don’t need a huge audience here but you can make money if you have a targeted audience.

In this article, you will learn about the best ways to easily make money on social media (ranked according to the minimum labor required) and can be inspired by some creators. Because the big influencer’s ideas are mentioned here.

  1. Create a paid subscription

Something that is only accessible to followers who offer monthly subscriptions through the membership platform is considered one of the most popular ways to make money on social media today. And this is what makes exclusive content.

Platforms like Patrion have emerged in recent years to cater specifically to this phenomenon, and now video sharing social platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have launched features to compete in this space. Twitter has even begun testing a new “super follow” feature that enables users to charge subscriptions for exclusive content.

Similarly a good example of a creator using this method is John Bonini who launched some good content in Patrion last year. The idea is that starting at $ 10 / month, John Bonini gives his 500+ sponsors access to his best content marketing strategies and tips.

Anyone who wanted to start Patrion asked John for advice. He then goes on to say that “it’s all about finding a way to relate to others.” When it comes to creating social content he recommends that you just “start by creating something good” and “forget the algorithm”.

  1. Promote the brand with affiliate programs

A social media can be another great way to promote and monetize your favorite brands by linking to their affiliate programs.

The most interesting thing is that here they have their own affiliate program so you can apply individually. Also most brand affiliate programs will be accessible through an affiliate network.

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Similarly, you can notice their multiple affiliate networks. And each one works with different brands, so it depends on the brands you want to promote. So you may have to apply to different affiliate networks as you wish

Otherwise, you can use a platform like Skimlink to get started as it is a third and easy option. The idea is that Skimlinks gives you instant access to 48,500 affiliate programs worldwide.

A great example is Rhiannon Ashlee because she allows affiliates to use social media to make money

On each of his blogs on YouTube, he puts an affiliate link next to almost all of them, as well as lists all the products that Ryan mentioned during the video.

Links to “” headlines are affiliate links. This will enable you to click on one of the links and buy the product whenever you are marketing. Then, depending on the Rhiannon brand’s approved program, the commission will add to its own account about 5% to 15% of the total order value.

You may also notice that Rhiannon makes it clear which links can be monetized by having a * next to each authorized link (is it interesting?). However it can be a good practice from an ethical point of view (also it is required by the Federal Trade Commission). So in fact, it can help with conversion rates.

Perhaps you now know the best ways to earn money through social media, go ahead and try every method. That is, do more and more research. Then let us know which one performs best for you

Remember that diversity is important so it would be wise to create multiple sources of revenue. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Because it will not protect you from the risk of relying too heavily on a revenue stream.


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