How To Clean A Chandelier With Vinegar | Quickly and Safely

How To Clean A Chandelier With Vinegar | Quickly and Safely

After the chandelier have been running for a long time, a high amount of dust accumulates. Here’s Learn How To Clean A Chandelier With Vinegar.

After the chandeliers have been running for a long time, a high amount of dust accumulates every year. Once the summer is over the candles become very cool. It is possible to make these chandeliers shine in the winter season by cleaning them.

Do you know how to clean a chandelier with vinegar? In these cleaning processes, you can usually take from your homemade ingredients (vinegar). That should be the solution to your chandelier cleaning.

However, as we have seen in recent times, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about chandeliers with light fixtures. Rather, all these light fixtures are attached to the chandelier to keep it shiny and the beauty of the house. And the place of conversation can create a beautiful atmosphere when guests come.

The lights inside the chandelier not only create a sparkle like the jewels of the house but also move your environment in a natural way. Which helps to move the house environment towards a more positive environment. The chandelier’s illumination will highlight the best features, including the installation of accessories.

We hope you find the answer you are looking for by reading our registration below! And let’s see without delay how to clean a chandelier with vinegar?

Stay safe – turn off the electricity!

It is wise to switch off any damage that may occur to ensure safety before you do any work. So when you clean the chandeliers, you must turn off the electric switch first and then start working slowly. The following are basic safety precautions to follow:

  • When you first set up or install a chandelier, disconnect the electrical line before you do. Again when it suddenly turns on while you are working. In this case, mark the switch on the switch to keep you off.
  • Turn off the main switch to make sure perfectly.
  • When working, be sure to consider the lighting system first, otherwise, there is a higher risk of working in the dark.

How To Clean A Chandelier With Vinegar

how to clean a chandelier with vinegar
how to clean a chandelier with vinegar

Things you will need to manage your cleaning process:

  • 1 large plastic sheet (for covering tables or floors)
  • 2 cup of warm water
  • Spray with bottled water
  • Bulb (for replacement, if required)

Step 1
Mix 2 cups of warm water, 1/2 cup of the mixture, and 2 tbsp. And by keeping it well in the bottle with which you will be spraying, you can clean the pieces of the nearby cover and the various chandeliers with this solution. The bottle you take should be a dishwasher spot remover (so it doesn’t fall off).

Step 2
In the next step, take another bottle and mix one cup of warm water and one cup of vinegar. Then clean the chandelier light bulbs with this mixture.

Step 3
Clamp light bulbs in chandelier sandwich bags by rubber bands. Spray the mixture in the bottle with a good shake and spread a sheet to disperse the dust. However, when the above activities are done, remove the bags placed on top of the chandelier, and rub gently while the vinegar mixture is on top.

Note: If you have difficulty understanding the above methods or you fail to work (according to our rules), you can read our related article: How To Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar Safely

When to clean a chandelier

It is very important to have an idea of ​​when the chandeliers need to be cleaned at what time of the year and how many days later it should be done. The timing of cleaning the chandeliers should be decided based on a few factors.

Where the air is constantly entering. Moreover, if a large presence is noticed in the house. It should be kept in mind to clean at least once every six months.

If you do not notice the above in your home. So that i would recommended to you should clean it at least once a year(More Process). Or frames should be cleaned using the procedure described above.

How to clean plastic chandeliers

how to clean a chandelier with vinegar

If you have light plastic chandeliers in your house. If it can make your house beautiful and elegant and make it the centerpiece. Illumination devices help to make the dust look like a magnet. And you see it is a little difficult to use or manage regularly.

So it goes without saying that it is not managed regularly, and look at another aspect, a stylish light scene much faster they can collect dust. Although this complex dirt can be a little difficult to clean later. However, you can follow these steps to try to remove dirt or grime from your chandelier:

Cleaning Process

Step 1
If there is an electrical connection to the chandelier, turn it off and take up to 20 minutes (after the bulbs have cooled) to start cleaning.

Step 2
Take a ladder and place it in such a way that it can reach you to the plastic chandelier and also help hold the dripping glass cleaner. Then place a blanket or sheet on the floor, which will not only help you collect dust but it will also help you to clean it up in case of an accident.

Step 3
Take care of one side. Once one side is cleared by the ladder, never be lazy to take the other side carefully. Never forget to try to turn the chandelier around, because you can ruin your chandelier forever.

Step 4
Clean the chandeliers regularly with a glass cleaner, and when the cleaning is done, polish the chandeliers with a dry cloth. One thing to keep in mind is that when you spray a vinegar mixture on a jar lamp, it can enter the electrical wire directly, so you should be more careful at that time.

Rub each separate piece of the latest chandelier separately and take a little time if needed.

How to clean a chandelier easily and quickly

how to clean a chandelier with vinegar

After using the chandelier you bought for a long time, that is, the next month after that you saw that there was a lot of dust accumulated there, you probably breathed at that time.

Anyway, is it possible to clean the chandeliers very quickly and easily before guests come to your house, yes! It is possible. You do not need to bring in people from outside to clean it if our above and below-written how to clean a chandelier with vinegar are followed.

However, let’s start without exaggerating. Here’s how to clean your chandelier without dropping or tearing it down. Here are the steps to follow:

Cleaning Process

Step 1
Make sure the chandelier is off and the light bulbs in it are not hot.

Step 2
Set up a ladder before you start your cleaning process. And to keep it moist or messy during the cleaning process, place a bath towel or sheet next to your chandelier.

Step 3
Cover any light sockets with a plastic bag, and use rubber or twist binding to secure the bottom of the socket. And when you spray these with vinegar mixed spray, it will be impossible to enter the electric wire, which will not cause you any problems later.

Step 4
Now hold the window that you will clean first and spray to clean it. And never be afraid that it will get wet drips because any dry towel or towel will be more convenient to slide on it.

Step 5
Once your chandelier is clean, give it time to dry. Then when the chandelier dries, it will be ready for any guest in any case. Hope so!


You already know that how to clean a chandelier with vinegar. And you’re proud to know it’s now clear about your chandelier. It is going to enhance the space of your home and its modern look helps to make your home more charming. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.

Whatever it is, the last thing I want to say is: the chandelier tends to be much more valuable and is designed in a much broader way. Now you will not feel comfortable separating it, in this case, you can take the advice of a professional or hire him with money.

Although most chandeliers are a little more expensive and expensive. But some chandeliers are available at low prices, you can clean those chandeliers if you want just to clean the section itself from our letter described above. And it will help you save a lot of money.

Of course, don’t forget to let us know what you have cleaned up by the above process and what are the results? And also let us know in the comment box, thank you!

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