Best tips for selling product on social media

Best tips for selling product on social media

Your ecommerce business is definitely lagging behind in sales, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. You can, of course, because there are so many types it’s hard to say. You can also start your own business by following today’s post.


There is always room for growth online


If you are looking for new channels to bolster your current endeavor and look for ways to significantly improve your ecommerce sales, consider marketing on social media. The following tips will help you to support your sales efforts and even use your social network


  1. Stay where your audience is


There are plenty of options on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter that are waiting for you to register and log in every day. Similarly, despite having this level of preference, all you have to keep in mind is your target audience because they may not come across some frequently between platforms. In order for your marketing to be effective, you need to choose the platform that your audience uses. Your target audience is where you go.


According to the Pew Research Center, which is involved in news content, 7/10 Americans use social media to connect with each other, share information and entertain themselves. Facebook has a huge concentration of users across the entire population. So if you think deeply, you will understand that about 80% of Facebook users use the network on a daily basis. This expansion of users and the fact that most of them have made Facebook a daily habit can now often be a good starting point. Because that’s actually where your audience is located.


Instagram is another great platform for business. Because here it is among the top three social media channels in terms of usage. With over 600 million users, it is growing rapidly with 100 million subscribers between July and December 2016.


Based on these data, it is fair to say that these two platforms later become an ideal starting point. Remember that this only happens when you want to target everyday customers, and which platform your specific target customers prefer. Research at what time of day they are more active. Researchers, however, suggest that the time of day depends on what your audience is most active on social media and that you should determine your content for that time.


  1. Cure and share customer content


Did you know that people who come in contact with user-generated content can convert them into buyers and have a 97% chance of doing so?


According to Business Insider, buyers are 97% more likely to convert to a retailer than customers and “buyers who interact with CGC. When customers interact with CGC, brands can see a 78% conversion rate. ”


However, a closer look at current social media reveals that it provides the right platform for you to collect and display content from your existing customers. Likewise it can be a great way to help your ecommerce business generate more sales. However the characteristic of your products has to be essential for winning the trust of the user i.e. the people and the content produced can serve as social proof. Also, you need to make sure you decide to feature so that you can gain the loyalty and reciprocity of those customers.


Sunglasses and watch brands, Captain & Son can regularly show customers wearing photos of their products on their Instagram feed. They can use the hashtag #bekapten to encourage customers to share their content. When customers share featured photos of your product, either way it helps you at least make customers believe in their own network of followers. However it can raise awareness about your brand and potentially, definitely help to generate more sales.


Then when you start sharing photos on your own social media account, try to show your current customers how much you value them. All of this plays a large role in contributing to sales growth and purchase repeat.


There are two ways you can increase your eCommerce sales by using social media as you already know. For the best chance of success, focus on customers and improve their experience.


Can you share your experience with us in the comments that you have successfully used social media to increase your ecommerce sales?

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