Best Graduate School Scholarships In 2022 Update

Best Graduate School Scholarships In 2022 Update

If you want to apply for graduate school but you do not have money to finance it, there is an option for you, It’s graduate school scholarships!

Graduate school scholarships cover recipients’ educational expenses. And the most interesting part of it is that you don’t need to pay it back with time. It’s a free money.

Though, some graduate school scholarships do not cover all receipt’s educational expenses. It covers some and leave some for the recipients to fund it. Still, it is better than student loan.

Of course, loan is another option to get fund to finance graduate school. However, unlike scholarship, loan is not free money. And the recipients have to pay it back.

There are a number of graduate school scholarships in this piece. So, keep reading it for you can benefit from one of them.

List of Graduate School Scholarship

1. Benoit Migambi Chronic and Neurological Diseases Scholarship

This scholarship is for graduate students who are studying chronic and neurological diseases. However, its only recognizes only two winners and award them $1,000 each. The deadline for its application is on 1st of June, 2022.


2. Network After Work No-Essay Grant
Are you a recent college graduate or grad school student? And want to continue your education? Feel free to apply for this scholarship! However, it recognizes just a winner with $1,000, and the deadline is 1st of April, 2022.

3. Derrick Richardson Law Student Scholarship
Are you looking for graduate school scholarship? Here is a great opportunity for you! However, this scholarship does not cover all recipient’s educational expenses, and it is for a black student who wants to be a lawyer.

The reward is $1050, and it closes on 5th of March, 2022.

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4. Advancing Social Justice for Asians Scholarship
You can apply for this scholarship if you’re committed to social justice for Asians. However, you must be a graduate or advanced degree student. The reward is $500 and it is for a winner. And the closing date is on 10th of April, 2022.


5. Cyndy Cervantes Scholarship for Oncology Social Work
Are you a graduate and pursuing a career in oncology social work? Are you a current oncology social worker with student debt? Take the opportunity of this scholarship. The reward is $500 and the reward is 15th of June, 2022.


6. Charles Cheesman’s Student Debt Reduction Scholarship
This scholarship is for adults currently in a career or college students who are nursing student debts. However, applicants must be Hispanic/Latino or African American and first-generation students so as to apply. The reward is $10,000, and the deadline is 1st of April, 2022.

7. Scholarships360 $1,000 No-Essay Scholarship
Do you have Scholarships360 account? You’re eligible for this scholarship! The reward is $1,000 and the deadline is 30th September, 2022.


8. $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay
This scholarship is mainly for high school, college, community and graduate students. Its deadline is 31st of March, 2022, and the selected applicants will receive $2,000.


9. $2,000 College Repayment Grant

Bother no more if you are a college graduate and looking for means to pay student debts. You can use the $2,000 reward of this scholarship to clear your bills. Similarly, parents who take student loans for their parents can also apply for this scholarship. However, the closing date is 31st of March, 2022.

10. $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship
One interesting thing about this scholarship is that it’s opened to all high school and college students. However, the reward is $2,000, and it will close 31st of March, 2022.

11. National Healthcare Heroes Grant for Nurses

With this scholarship, aspiring nurses can pay their tuition or students loans. The amount of this school is $1,000 and the deadline is 16th of May, 2022.


Graduate School Funding

The sources of graduate school funding are many. However, for the sake of this piece, this author will mention few of them.

Those that are common among these sources are University-specific scholarships, need-based financial aid, grants as well as private scholarships.

Private Graduate School Scholarships

There are some private organizations that offer scholarships to graduate students, and these scholarships are for students across disciplines.


Need-based Financial Aid for Graduate School
Need-based financial aid is another option to pay for graduate school tuition and other educational expenses. However, need-based financial aid is student grant and student loan. However, while you cannot pay grant back, you will pay back loan after some time.

Furthermore, in order to get a need-based financial aid, applicants must submit FAFSA. Afterwards, applicants will be considered for need-based grants and federal government loans.

University-specific Merit Scholarships
There are many graduate schools that offer university-specific scholarship opportunities. Therefore, check the program you are applying for more information on scholarships.


Mostly Asked Questions About Graduate School Scholarships


Does FAFSA pay for graduate school?

You ought to fill out the FAFSA in order for you to apply for financial aid in graduate school. afterwards, your graduate school will use the information you supply to determine your need-based aid. But, unlike how your FAFSA qualified you for federal opportunities during your undergraduate, it will not this time around.

Can I get scholarships for a master’s program?

Yes, why not.

There are lots of scholarships for master’s program. So, all you have to do is to take your time to search for the one that will be best for you. And note that every scholarship has its criteria.

When can I start applying for graduate school scholarships?


There’s no time you cannot start applying for graduate school scholarships. However, note that every graduate school scholarship has its deadline. Therefore, you have to start the search now so that you can get a good one for yourself.

Do graduate students get Pell Grants?
No, they do not get Pell Grant. However, they can fill out the FAFSA to apply for institutional need-based aid. In addition, they are also eligible for federal student loans.


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